Smooth Soap Powder Is Found To Be Highly Explosive (Feb, 1930)

Smooth Soap Powder Is Found To Be Highly Explosive
SOAP dust in suspension is violently explosive. It is a well known fact that many dusts are highly explosive. Accumulations of dry coal dust are capable of blowing up a coal mine; rubber dust, aluminum dust and other industrial dusts are explosive but it comes as a surprise that soap dust when suspended in air is highly explosive, capable under certain conditions of causing explosions that might destroy life and property. This discovery has been made at the Pittsburgh experiment station of the U. S. bureau of mines. The hazard arises only in case of suspension of considerable amounts of the dust in air as might occur in process of manufacture. Ordinary household use of soap, however, carries no hazard whatever.

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  1. Toronto says: April 9, 20127:18 pm

    Of course, explosions were only the second worse thing to worry about down in the soap mines. First and foremost, the worry was rain.

    (You should see what heavy grease atomized under extreme pressure can do, fireball-wise.)

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