Soldiers in Camouflage Suits Blend with Trees or Snow (Feb, 1941)

Umm, no. Actually they don’t blend at all. What they really need is some of this amazing British camouflage.

Soldiers in Camouflage Suits Blend with Trees or Snow

Camouflage uniforms developed by United States army engineers blend snipers into trees, shrubbery or snow, making detection by the enemy difficult. Believed to offer greater concealment than designs used by European armies, some of the suits are worn like long coats and others like regular uniforms.

  1. Stannous says: September 10, 200711:49 pm

    Trivia challnge of the day:
    When was abstract camouflage first worn as women’s fashion wear?

    I often offer to pay for a woman’s purchase at my hardware store if they can guess within 5 years- never been stumped.

    (no fair looking at Wikipedia, it’s my entry. I’ll answer mañana)

  2. Stannous says: September 11, 20079:52 am

    Answer: 1914!

    Camouflage was invented by an American naturalist who observed birds. He took it to the US Army and was turned down. Took it to the Brits who said, “it wouldn’t be sporting.” and then to the French who completely went for it.
    The only military vehicles they had at the time were trucks and cars and these they painted with abstract patterns.
    When the Germans invaded in 1914 the army passed through Paris on their way to the Front and the couturiers saw them.
    Within 3 weeks they had turned those abstract patterns into women’s dresses.

    This means that camouflage was used for haute couture 20 years before it was used for uniforms!

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