Spherical Drive Wheel Propels Odd Vehicle (Nov, 1937)

Spherical Drive Wheel Propels Odd Vehicle
Propelled by a spinning, motor-driven half globe at its rear, a strange three-wheeled vehicle recently made its appearance on the streets of Paris, France. The fantastic machine serves as an experimental model to test the inventor’s idea of a new gearless transmission, the speed of the vehicle being varied by tilting the hemisphere.

  1. Hirudinea says: March 8, 20138:29 am

    Women with hairy armpits and now this, the French are WEIRD!

  2. docespresso says: March 8, 201310:14 am

    Basically this is an external CVT. If the drive hemisphere was sold stopping would have been interesting.

  3. JeffK says: March 8, 20131:17 pm

    Hemispherical Omni-directional Gimbaled (HOG) drive!

    Here’s a recent small-scale implementation.

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