STAG – A Man’s Cream For a Man’s Face (Mar, 1922)

MANHOOD- Make Your Face Show it
Every real man wants the clear, rugged, ruddy face of a real he-man; the healthy, clean skin and alert expression that comes from a vigorous life in the open air. All men want it— all women admire it. You can have it.

STAG – A Man’s Cream For a Man’s Face

—is a true facial invigorator and tonic prepared for men. Two minutes’ use brings the red blood tingling to the surface, removes that oily, sallow appearance and leaves the skin clean, clear, firm and with healthy color. It invigorates and hardens the facial muscles and promotes an alert, forceful expression. A sixty-day treatment—with money-back guarantee—will be sent to you for a dollar bill.

Manhood Commands Admiration

Men and women all admire the man whose face shows the clean vigor of perfect health. Stag is made for you men who want to be one of those ruddy, forceful, hard-hitting fellows who are always so popular. Send your name, address and a dollar and it will come to you by return mail—fully guaranteed.

Stag Laboratories
103 Baird Bldg. Detroit, Mich.

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