Wow, this is actually the second guy I’ve seen with homemade stainless steel dentures. Here is another from 1937. I wonder how common this was.

STEELY SMILE of John Gilpin, village blacksmith of Livingston, Mont., is really friendly although strangers are sometimes awed by it. Gilpin broke a set of store teeth 16 years ago, replaced them with rugged stainless steel.

  1. rsterling78 says: January 15, 20092:02 am

    Obligatory Richard “Jaws” Kiel reference.

  2. Sean says: January 15, 20098:04 am

    I love how both of these guys are of the Clint Eastwood Old Guy Who Could Rip Your Arm Off model even before they had steel teeth.

  3. Mike says: January 15, 20097:49 pm

    The solid lead teeth never caught on.

  4. Scott says: January 15, 20098:24 pm

    This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen in, like, ever.

  5. fishmorgjp says: January 16, 200912:58 am

    It’s… it’s Palmer Eldritch!! No wait, he doesn’t have lateral-lens Luxvid eyes or an artificial hand. Whew!

  6. Chris Radcliff says: January 16, 20097:42 pm

    I saw “STAINLESS CHOPPERS” and thought this could either be about a) motorcycles or b) false teeth, but only one of those would be truly awesome.

    You didn’t disappoint.

  7. Charlie says: January 16, 20097:59 pm

    Chris Radcliff: Or helicopters.

  8. Big Bob from Tater Knob says: February 7, 20092:03 pm

    My grandfather (1867-1949) was a blacksmith in the West Virginia and Kentucky coalfields. I’m told he made himself a set of aluminum teeth. I’m also told that twice in his later years he had to be talked down from the town water tower in Williamson, WV. You just have to wonder if having a mouthful of aluminum didn’t contribute to that urge to climb and some of his other strange behavior.

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