Stop Forgetting (Mar, 1922)

Stop Forgetting

Make Your Mind a File — Not a Pile

Let me show you how to make your mind as forget-proof as a card index file. When you wish to recall a name, place or date, must you grope in vain in a pile of miscellaneous knowledge? Summoned to give facts and figures does your mind become a blank? Be master of your mind’s infinite resources -instead of a victim of its disordered details.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and Memory Is the Basis of All Knowledge
I Have Helped Thousands

The Dickson Method of Memory and Mental Training, perfected by 20 years experience, is recognized as the most thoro, efficient of its kind. Highly endorsed—easy to master. Give me 10 minutes a day and I will train your memory so you can classify ideas, names, faces, etc., and recall them instantly. Develops self-control. concentration; overcomes bashfulness.

Perfect Your Memory and Command What Salary You Will

Send name and address and I will send yon., free, my interesting booklet, “How to Remember” and unique, copyrighted Memory Test; also tell you how to secure free of charge my $3.00 book, ” How to Speak in Public.”

Dickson Memory School
Dept. 1640 1041 Chicago Ave. Evanston, Ill.

The Key to Success

  1. Neil Russell says: February 21, 20112:24 pm

    The pictures lie, I was hoping for info on how to blow key shaped smoke from my cigar

  2. John says: February 21, 20112:56 pm

    Now occupied by the Celebrity Salon at 1041 Chicago Avenue

  3. Kosher Ham says: February 21, 20114:25 pm

    Would this help reduce the symptoms of President Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease?

  4. Curt says: February 22, 20118:41 am

    I’m sorry–what was the question again?

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