Stove Pipe Armorplates Legs Against Rattlesnake’s Fangs (Aug, 1933)

Stove Pipe Armorplates Legs Against Rattlesnake’s Fangs

SOMETHING new in fishing equipment is armor-plated legs. The armor plate in the case illustrated in the accompanying photo is not exactly bullet-proof, but it does stay the deadly fangs of rattlesnakes that lurk among the rocks on the edge of the fishing stream.

The stunt was introduced by three Oregon men who were not going to be kept from their trout by mere snakes. Lengths of stove pipe worn over the lower leg render the lunges of angered rattlesnakes harmless, and fishing goes on unhampered.

  1. Githyanki says: July 17, 20074:09 am

    Thus began the bearsuit.

  2. outdoor stove says: July 22, 20084:33 am

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