SUBBER – TV Service Instruments for signal circuit analyzing. (Aug, 1974)


TV Service Instruments for signal circuit analyzing.

When Castle introduced the TV Tuner SUBBER analyzing instrument a couple of years ago it became the first practical way to easily test the VHF tuner, UHF tuner and i.f. amplifier system of any TV receiver. Being lightweight, self contained and battery powered the TV Tuner SUBBER *Mk. IV is the first such instrument which may be carried on service calls and used with ANY color or black and white TV receiver … at $45.95 for the battery powered Mk. IV, or $54.95 for the a.c. plus battery powered Mk. IV-A the instruments have been known to pay for themselves in TIMESAVING in the first two weeks of use!

Now we have introduced the Mk. V Master SUBBER*, an instrument which is absolutely unique . . . there is nothing else like it anywhere! It is completely portable and battery powered, practically foolproof in it’s simplicity of operation when testing ALL the signal stages of any color or black and white TV receiver. The substitution signals available allow tests of the following stages: VHF tuner, UHF tuner, each video i.f. amplifier, video detectors, video amplifiers, 4.5 MHz sound i.f. amplifiers, sound limiter, sound detector and audio amplifier. It includes a signal level meter for testing the antenna signal. Inbuilt telescopic antenna makes the meter adaptable for true field strength measurements. Inbuilt monitor loudspeaker ensures foolproof substitution tests . . . every time!

At $169.95 the Master SUBBER* instrument is the best bargain in an analyzer that has ever been available. It will save oodles of time in the hands of a professional troubleshooter . . . and help advance the novice to professional status.

All SUBBER* instruments come complete with batteries, connecting cables and comprehensive instruction manual. The Master SUBBER* and Mk. IV-A TV Tuner SUBBER* come complete with wall plug-in transformer for 120vac 60 Hz operation.

As an added bonus, all SUBBER* instruments enable use of the high speed age system analyzing procedure invented by Castle . . . the first practical method for analyzing age system defects without confusion.

*A trademark of Castle TV Tuner Service, Inc.

These instruments boast the extra features of all Castle products — advanced technology — modern styling — and they work!

If you need to save some analyzing time . . . you need a SUBBER* instrument!

See your stocking distributor … or write for more details and complete specifications.


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  1. David Moisan says: February 14, 20127:21 am


    I never had any of these instruments but I remember them well as I wanted to be a TV repairman when I was younger. Much later on, I took the tuners out of a dead set and powered them through an external power supply to do the same thing. That’s what these subbers are–just regular cheap TV tuners with a power supply and a few extras like that signal strength meter.

    When synthesized tuners came in, these were obsolete overnight. The pushbutton tuners had several different architectures to work, from the old 12 buttons and the tiny little dials to tune each of them, all the way up to keypad-entry full synthesized tuning, and that is not getting into modern pre-HD sets that integrated tuning into set logic through an internal digital bus. Never mind what we have now, of course.

    You MIGHT still be able to get digital TV through one of these, but you’d have to do some real hackwork on the TV end.

    You can, though, receive old analog cellphones on these old UHF tuners. I did.

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