Suction Cup Shoes in Plane Stunt (Jan, 1932)

Suction Cup Shoes in Plane Stunt

J. D. PATE, famous airplane stunt man, illustrates in the photo below his latest invention in the way of aviation thrill-makers. In performing his amazing stunt, Mr. Pate fastens a piece of plate glass on the top wing of an airplane. Then he dons a pair of special shoes which are equipped with suction rubbers on the soles, and stands on the glass. These rubber suckers anchor him firmly to the wing.

When the plane has attained considerable height, the pilot turns the plane upside down and Mr. Pate hangs suspended by his shoes from the wing.

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  1. Stannous says: December 15, 20062:18 pm

    And I can’t get my damned suction toothbrush holder to stay on the mirror!

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