Super Advanced Torpedo Attack Simulator (Nov, 1946)

Who needs a flight simulator when you’ve got one of these? Wait. Is that a roomba prototype on the left?

Torpedo Attack With these toylike devices the Navy trains its torpedo bomber pilots to hit targets. The cockpit on wheels, the mobile mount for the model carrier and the cart on which the tiny torpedo rides are all driven by electric motors at speeds exactly proportional to their size and the size of the floor. The pilot on the trainer fires the torpedo; the carrier is controlled separately (note operator’s hand at left).

  1. Spy-J says: October 4, 20071:25 am

    MS Flightsimulator 0.1 (M.S.: Manual steering)

  2. KHarn says: March 2, 20087:14 pm

    George Gay mentions this in his book “Sole Survivor”. He thought it was the most RETARDED thing he ever saw and tried to get whoever invented it and sold it to the navy exposed for wasteing the taxpayers’ money!.

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