SUPER WATCH (Nov, 1980)


Don’t be fooled by the price. This LCD Dual Alarm Chronograph is probably the best as well as most useful watch on the market today.

This watch is in a class by itself. With every conceivable convenience … unmatched feather-light comfort … and rugged dependability with matching, trim-slim styling.

And it’s priced so low, it makes sense to own as an every-day watch you can wear without worrying or as an extra watch you use only for running or when you’re working around the house or for its wake-up alarm and second timekeeping zone when you’re traveling.* What’s amazing is that it gives you TWO of everything other watches selling for ten times as much boast of when they have just one. And it includes additional conveniences, like a count-down timer; so, no other watch, at any price, does as much or does it better! And this watch is guaranteed for ONE full year.

WORLD CLASS ACCURACY: First and foremost it’s guaranteed to be accurate to within seconds a month, three-minutes-a-year. You can be certain the big, easy-to-read display with the hour, minutes and running seconds is right on time—to the second.

Your watch also gives you the day and date at a glance, with no button to push, adjusting automatically for the number of days in any month (including leap year). Then, so you can see easily in the dark or when it’s dim, there’s a built-in night light.

3-YEAR BATTERY: And this is one watch you won’t have to worry about for a long, long time. The battery is warranted to last for a full three years.

TWO-TIMING: What is more, you get a second timekeeping zone. A convenience you’ll really appreciate when you travel or when you’re doing business with a firm in a far-away city. Plus a two-note chime you can set to go off on the hour to keep the time from passing you by.

24 HOUR ALARMS AND PERSONAL REMINDER SYSTEM: The alarm can be set in an instant for any minute of any hour. The precision of a digital alarm is simply unbeatable. If you want, you can leave this alarm set for the same time every day because there’s a SECOND alarm as well. With two alarms you’ll be able to schedule your day and stick to your schedule more easily and surely than ever before.

30 MINUTES AND COUNTING: In addition, inspired by the Space Center, you also get a 12 hour to one minute count-down timer. Really, a third alarm, it’s a lot easier to use if you want to be reminded your time is up or you have to act—when you’ve promised to call back in half-an-hour, for example, or have to put another quarter in the parking meter. With a count-down timer, you can be sure you won’t goof, and you’ll know exactly how much time you’ve got left. (If nothing else, those steaks you like rare and your three-minute eggs will never be over-done again.)

CHRONOGRAPH SYSTEM: With 1/100th of a second precision for up to 12 hours, the dual chronograph literally enables you to command time to stand still. With the stopwatch you can time any event in its entirety — from a speech you’re preparing to the length of a phone call you’re making to the time it takes a passer to set up and throw. (A buzzer sounds when you start or stop the chronograph. A nice feature since it means you won’t have to check to see if it’s timing.) You can also measure sections of an event, like the time for the 1/4 or the 1/2 or the times of individual finishers in a race. This is Lap Time. In this mode the chronograph continues timing an event in memory at the same time that it’s stopped to give you a reading on a particular segment.

You’ll be able to use either of these modes in minutes, find innumerable uses for both in your business and personal life within days.

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: Even with all these functions, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing a watch. It’s that light and comfortable. Less than one ounce.

The case, which is exceptionally handsome, is made of a high-impact, virtually impervious black plastic. An advance almost as remarkable in its way as those in the microprocessor that controls the watch’s functions.


Here’s a watch, then, with phenomenal accuracy and totally unique capabilities; a watch that passed every quality-control test with flying colors and stood up to 10 years’ of simulated-use tests. And all it costs is the amazing low price of just $29.95!

It just didn’t seem possible to us either. But the manufacturer, who’s been making components for years for many of the major watch companies, including some of the biggest, best-known names, explained: “Of course, you’d expect it to sell for 100% more. But, once this new kind of case became available, we knew we could produce a chip (microprocessor) superior to any we made for anyone else, and sell it for far less than you’d expect by assembling the watches ourselves and selling them direct-by-mail, eliminating the middleman’s mark-up in both manufacturing and selling.”

As proof, in about a year, a major name in the watch world plans to buy this module and offer this same watch through normal retail outlets for at least $60 and maybe more.


This gave us an idea. What if the same watch was put in a stainless steel case with a stainless steel band. After some figuring the manufacturer said he’d include a deluxe mineral glass crystal, so the watch would be absolutely superb, and all we’d have to charge is just $59.95.

CALL 800-228-5959.

(Nebraska residents call 800-642-8777) (Numbers in operation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day) So, that’s your choice of the matte black watch or the watch in stainless steel with a stainless bracelet.

What is more, since you can’t get this watch in any store, we’ll send it to you to wear for 30 days without risk or obligation. If you’re not absolutely satisfied, if the accuracy isn’t exactly as we say, if you don’t find two timekeeping zones, the two alarms, the dual chronograph, the count-down timer as useful and convenient as you supposed, if people don’t praise the look of the watch you’re wearing, send it back for a complete refund. No questions asked.

To order with any major credit card, simply call the toll-free number above. But we’d prefer, in this instance, since the price is so much lower than for anything else we sell, that you send us your check to the address below. Just be sure to specify the Black Watch or the Stainless Steel Alarm Chronograph and include the proper amount. (Include $2.50 for shipping and handling and in Illinois the 6% sales tax.) Either way, you’ll be getting a watch as good if not better than any watch in the market today. At a fraction of the usual price. If that isn’t class, what is?

*Even in a drawer, it will keep perfect time. Ready when you want or need it without your touching or adjusting a thing.

Dimensions Unlimited
Dept. 18-9081
733 Lee Street B
Des Plaines, IL 60016

  1. Charlene says: April 4, 20121:20 pm

    Thirty bucks for two-timing is still pretty cheap.

  2. Melbourne says: January 17, 20136:25 am

    Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy lies a small, unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly 92 million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

    Apparently, for the 2005 movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, references to digital watches were replaced by mobile telephones…

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