Swimming Strokes Taught From Outboard Powered Raft (Aug, 1931)

Swimming Strokes Taught From Outboard Powered Raft

AN OUTBOARD powered swimming raft was the unique means employed by Johnny Weismuller at Miami Beach, Florida, during the past season to teach beginners the theory and practice of the new swimming strokes. The pupil is swung between the U-shaped opening of the raft in a canvas belt, and as the craft moves about under power of the motor the novice goes through the proper strokes as demonstrated to him by Weismuller.

Two outstanding advantages of the scheme are that the swimmer is always held at the right level in the water and that he easily learns the forward motion—the hardest of all to learn in swimming. The raft is also used as a marker or turning buoy in swimming races.

  1. Myles says: January 16, 20092:09 pm

    A small swimming raft with four people and an outboard motor, who wants soup?

  2. Eli says: January 16, 20093:44 pm

    I see no cause for alarm. How dangerous could it possibly be, with Tarzan at the helm?

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