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Leather is going places (Jul, 1954)

American Cyanamid feels like it should the big evil corporation in Portal or Resident Evil.

Leather is going places

It’s vacation time… and everybody’s on the go. Naturally, leather goes along too. For leather is a wonderful traveling companion; there’s nothing finer for luggage, golf bags, hand bags, jackets and a host of other articles that must look well and wear well.

Everybody has a Sweet Tooth! (Jan, 1949)

According to Wolfram Alpha U.S. sugar consumption is currently about 152.8 lbs a year.

Everybody has a Sweet Tooth!

AND a GOOD THING it is, too. For sugar is an energy food, essential in every good daily diet. Normally, we Americans consume from fourteen to fifteen billion pound- of sugar yearly—about a hundred pounds per person—a fact that helps to make US an energetic and healthy people.

Meet Professor Shrinkproof (Apr, 1949)

Meet Professor Shrinkproof

John Derrig’s home is his laboratory and his family the guinea pigs. They all take a heating so he can test fabrics the hard way.

By Wilfred Weiss

DOROTHY Derrig was coming down the walk in front of her house at Bound Brook, N. J., in an exquisite sheer-net party dress. Suddenly her husband John whipped around the corner with the garden hose, like a fireman who had overslept a three-alarmer. He squirted the full spray on his pretty wife and soaked that long, lovely gown from neck to hemline.

“It’s just fine, John,” she stood there and remarked sweetly—without making a move to dash back into the house and look up the nearest divorce lawyer in the classified phone book. “See, it hasn’t lost a bit of its crispness! The water is rolling right off.”