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They’re not kidding when they call the dye “new”.  Ultraviolet fluorescing dyes and paint had been developed by the late Robert Switzer and his brother Joseph in 1934 as described here

Dipped in a new chemical solution and dried with a hot iron, ransom money is indelibly marked for identification. The preparation leaves no mark that a crook could detect, but the impregnated portion of the bill, which may be simply a strip along the edge, glows brilliantly when a bank teller holds the money under the invisible rays of an ultra-violet lamp.

Anti-Hitch Kink (Mar, 1936)

Update: I forgot that I had previously posted a productized version of this: the Auto-Shocko

Anti-Hitch Kink
IF your auto is pestered by hitchers-on, here is a good cure. Fit a Ford coil with a piece of chain which will drag along the ground (but must not touch the car), and ground the other end of the coil to the car. Complete circuit as shown, and close switch for results—Rocco Conte.

Tear Gas Sprayed From Bank Teller’s Window Blinds Bandits for Capture (Feb, 1932)

Tear Gas Sprayed From Bank Teller’s Window Blinds Bandits for Capture

A NEW and more effective means in preventing bank hold ups has recently been developed. On each side of the teller’s window are two automatic spraying devices, one with a strong odor of smoke stream and the other with a fine spray of a composition of formaldehyde. When both solutions meet they cause immediate blindness for at least 25 to 45 minutes, thus rendering the bandit helpless to operate any further. With his feet, the teller operates the electric switch, which is mounted on floor back of window, as shown in the accompanying photograph.