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This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian (Mar, 1931)

I just can’t understand why this isn’t standard on all vehicles…

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian

TRUCKS equipped with the new safety device shown in the photo at the left will literally sweep a fallen pedestrian before it and thus save him from being crushed to almost certain death beneath the heavy wheels.

Puppet Show Teaches Traffic Laws (Jun, 1938)

Puppet Show Teaches Traffic Laws

THE ancient art of puppetry has been enlisted by the Bureau of Public Safety of Detroit, Mich., in a novel campaign to cut the accident toll of modern traffic. A play—”Stop, Look and Listen”— enacted by marionettes, is being shown at all of the city’s schools in an effort to impress children with safety rules. The cast of marionettes features a policeman, a teacher, children, stop lights, and traffic in the form of model automobiles, which are actuated by motor-driven belts.

TOM McCAHILL SAYS: “We Can Stop the Highway Slaughter!” (Nov, 1954)

TOM McCAHILL SAYS: “We Can Stop the Highway Slaughter!”

MI’s famed automotive authority proposes a gutsy, double-barreled safety program which would make a lot of people mad—but also save a lot of lives.

SPEED, illegal speed, is the Number One cause of highway deaths, according to the majority of the high-tinkling brass in the safety business. To this I say, “Phooey.” Speed is a cause of highway deaths—but then, so is slow-driving. As I see it, there are four primary causes of our annual roadway slaughter: obsolete highways, Stone Age police practices, bad drivers and unsafe automobiles.

Why GAMBLE with DEATH? (Nov, 1936)


By H. W. Magee

THERE’S one law which, sooner or later, is going to stop every reckless or careless driver. That’s the law of averages. And when this law of averages is applied to traffic accidents today, the rows of cold figures scream a grim warning which every sane motorist should heed because you can’t break this law without eventually breaking your neck.


I wonder how many mechanics got carbon monoxide poisoning before these were standard…


Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is eliminated in a New York City garage by a blower system with junction boxes at convenient points. To these boxes are attached lengths of flexible hose which are connected to the exhaust pipe of the automobile being tested or repaired. In this way the noxious fumes have no chance to escape into the workroom.

Warning the Driver Behind with a Red Hand (Oct, 1921)

Warning the Driver Behind with a Red Hand

A NEW traffic signal embodies a glass tube containing neon at a pressure much below the atmosphere. When it is subjected to static electric pressure, it glows a deep orange red. The upraised red hand of warning does exactly what it should do—attracts the attention of the man behind you.

Steel Rail at Center of Road Prevents Head-On Crash (Aug, 1938)

Steel Rail at Center of Road Prevents Head-On Crash

White center lines on the highway warn motorists to stay in their own lanes, but they don’t prevent a crash if someone ventures across the line at the wrong time. Real protection is now offered by a center-line guard rail of convex steel strips supported by spring-steel posts, sturdy and resilient enough to absorb the shock of impact and deflect the car back to its proper lane. This traffic divider occupies no more space than is taken by the double white line.

COMMENT and REVIEW – Auto Safety – Gun Violence (Oct, 1923)

So apparently the controversy over gun control has a long and oft repeated history.

Also, I love the idea of giving speeders an “insanity test”.

Longer than that.  When Chicago was founded as a town in 1830 apparently one of the first laws passed was a ban on firearms.  New York State passed the Sullivan Act in 1911.


Pistols and Automobiles Kill 20,000.

THE count of the death toll from revolvers and automobiles for 1922 is completed and rolls up the astounding total of 10,000 from pistols and revolvers, and about the same number from automobiles. In both counts many hundred, if not several thousand, who died weeks or months after the accident, and in the case of revolvers, many more who were killed and the bodies concealed and not yet found, were not included.



At least four famous racing drivers owe their lives to this simple 2-1/2-pound safety gadget.

FOUR Lincoln crew members of the recent Pan American-Mexican Road Race attribute their lives to the new Pacific Harness Safety Reel which bolts to the car’s floor. Attached to a shoulder harness, the reel allows cable to feed in or out, giving the driver freedom of movement up to 18 inches. But in an emergency, the reel locks instantly and automatically, snubbing the driver within just one-half inch of travel—perhaps saving his life.

NEW in SCIENCE (Jan, 1954)


DOREKA two-film camera invented by German engineer holds color, regular film. It has twin interchangeable lenses with coupled range finder, synchronized flash. Device bars double exposure. Shutter speeds range from 1 to 1/500 of a second.

EASIMOW, left, new 16-inch, power-driven mower and roller will do job 30 per cent faster than other mowers, its makers claim. It was demonstrated recently at the National Association of Groundsmen’s Annual Exhibit. Hurlingham, England.