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Broadcasts Game as He Plays (Jun, 1939)

Broadcasts Game as He Plays

A PLAY-BY-PLAY account of a basketball game, broadcast by one of the actual players during the contest, recently went on the air at Cleveland, Ohio. For the radio stunt, the player-announcer carried a short-wave transmitter that required no trailing wires, and the central radio studio picked up and rebroadcast his exciting description of his own plays and those of his team mates and opponents. The picture shows him in action.

Basketball Players Learn from Models (Mar, 1940)

Basketball Players Learn from Models

Tiny models of players holding basketballs in various shooting and passing positions are being used by Ernest Messikomer, coach of the Temple University squad, in Philadelphia, Pa., to instruct his charges in the fine points of the game. The model players are used on a miniature court, complete with backboards and baskets.