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“When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.” (Feb, 1968)

“When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.”

“Go to the store. Go directly to the store.

Do not pass go. We are out of Schlitz.”

Try the taste of the most carefully brewed beer in the world. The beer that takes 1,174 careful brewing steps. Schlitz. Real gusto in the great light beer.

The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous

Schlitz… The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous! (Jun, 1949)

“I was curious…

I tasted it…

Now I know why Schlitz is… The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous!”


“Golden Flavor” (May, 1954)

Where do you think they make this beer? Minnesota or something?

“Golden Flavor”
makes Milwaukee’s finest beer even finer!

MILWAUKEE – Blatz Beer – Brewed in Milwaukee!

First in Milwaukee!
Finest in Milwaukee!

Beer belongs… enjoy it (Jun, 1949)

Beer belongs… enjoy it

In this home-loving land of ours… in this America of kindliness, of friendship, of good-humored tolerance… perhaps no beverages are more “at home” on more occasions than good American beer and ale.

DRUNK? (Jan, 1960)

Was The Author Of This Ad Drunk When He Typed It? The Caps Make It Pretty Damn Hard To Read!



“World Famous Since 1943”

THOUSANDS HAVE BEEN HELPED TO BREAK THE DRINKING CYCLE Does Drunkenness Threaten Your Happiness Or Your Loved Ones? This Remarkable New Discovery Quickly And Easily Helps Bring Relief From All Desire Of Liquor. This Is Strictly A Home Method. Easy To Take. Nothing Like It Before.

New Beer Truck Speeds Delivery (Aug, 1933)

New Beer Truck Speeds Delivery
THE heavy demand for 3.2 per cent beer has been responsible for the development of a new type of beer truck which is expected to cut in half the time of loading and delivering the beer. Shown below, the truck carries 56 barrels. In the unloading process, when one barrel is removed from the rear platform another automatically falls into place. Operation of a lever unloads the entire truckload of empty barrels in one minute.

BUILD THIS Beer-Keg Radio FOR YOUR GAME ROOM (Jun, 1938)



NOVEL as well as serviceable, the beer-keg radio described on these pages will make a useful addition to the furnishings in your game room. It can be used either as an end table or as a refreshment stand, and, since it is an entirely self-contained unit, operated by dry batteries, it can be carried onto a porch or even into the yard when warm summer days and evenings make this desirable. If you build this five-tube set carefully, it will give excellent reception from stations 1,000 miles or more away.

Home-Made Metal Furniture from Beer Cans (Aug, 1936)

420 cans eh?

Home-Made Metal Furniture from Beer Cans

420 cans soldered together produced the garden furniture shown in use below. Bernard Dier of Chicago made it in ten days.

Beer Making Is Marvel of Industrial Chemistry (Jun, 1933)

Beer Making Is Marvel of Industrial Chemistry

With the removal of national restrictions against the manufacture and sale of beer, American brewers are again in action. Their operations represent one of the most extensive applications of modern industrial chemistry. More than 2,000,000,000 pounds of malt, 650,000,000 pounds of corn and corn products, and 41,000,000 pounds of hops are a part of the vast consignment of raw materials that experts will turn each year into beer. On these pages, our artist shows how the transformation is accomplished in one big, and now active, American brewery.

Home Beer Dispenser Keeps Foam Collar Under Control (Jul, 1933)

Home Beer Dispenser Keeps Foam Collar Under Control
AT LAST science has done something really worth while. This something is the introduction of a “direct draft” beer pump which, the inventors claim, eliminates “wild beer,” controls the foamy collar, and delivers the so-called non-intoxicating fluid at the proper temperature.
Shown at the left, the pump attaches directly to the barrel, and is thus especially suitable for the home, or for picnics and parties, where it gives a professional air to the dispensing. The liquid feeds into a reservoir tank, and is drawn off into the drinking glass by the turn of a handle.