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Writing with your voice (Mar, 1947)

Writing with your voice

Years ago Alexander Graham Bell dreamed of “a machine that should render visible to the eyes of the deaf, the vibrations of the air that affect our ears as sound.” He never realized that dream, but his researches led to the invention of the telephone.

“YOU’RE TELLING ME!” (Mar, 1940)


“That’s a funny one. You’re telling me what a great thing the telephone is. As if I didn’t know!

“Why, I’m one of the main reasons there’s a telephone in our house. For you can bet your life I keep the folks pretty busy around here.

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot” (Jun, 1954)

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot”

Somewhere today there is someone who would like to hear the sound of your voice.

A friendly visit by telephone is the next best thing to being there in person.

It keeps faith with your needs (Jul, 1930)

It keeps faith with your needs

An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company

You have found a constantly growing use for the telephone. You have learned its value in business. You have found it helpful in keeping contact with family and friends. Its increasing use has given the telephone its humanly important place in modern life and requires the expenditure of hundreds of millions annually for extensions and improvements.



For years the accepted way to connect wires to telephone apparatus was with solder. Now, Bell Laboratories engineers have discovered how to make connections faster and better—without solder.

Solder, they reasoned, wouldn’t be needed if wire and terminal could be kept tightly pressed together. But, for economy, this had to be done with the wire alone—without complicating screws and springs.

Birthplace of the Transistor (Jul, 1953)

Birthplace of the Transistor

The Transistor, that revolutionary new electronics device, is a product of telephone research. It was conceived, invented and developed at Bell Telephone Laboratories by men in search of ways to improve telephone service. It was announced just five years ago.

It’s Fun to Phone! (Mar, 1958)

It’s Fun to Phone!

A minute from now you can be having a happy time. Just phone someone who means a lot to you. True happiness is tlie kind you share. And nothing helps you do that so easily as your telephone. “It’s fun to phone.”

Bell Telephone System



The familiar telephone that stands upon your desk at the office or in your home is only a very small part of the great communication system that enables you to talk across the miles with such surprising ease.

Behind it are complicated exchanges, a carefully trained organization of more than four hundred thousand men and women and eighty million miles of wire. These are the forces that make efficient telephone service possible. These are the unseen couriers of the spoken word.

Backing up your Telephone— (Jun, 1930)

This is one of those headlines that would mean something completely different today….

Backing up your Telephone—

To make your telephone and back it up with all the apparatus and supplies needed for your service is a work of infinite variety.

Buying rubber from Singapore, mica from India, conduit from Ohio—Making each year a million telephones, 15,000 miles of cable, switchboards by the trainload—

The People’s Telephone (Dec, 1924)

The People’s Telephone

The telephone knows no favorites. It does the bidding of the country store and of the city bank. It is found in the ranch house kitchen and in the drawing-room of the city mansion. Its wires penetrate the northern forest, stretch across the prairie, are tunneled under city streets.