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Guy De Maupasant – KING of All Short Story Writers (Feb, 1909)

Guy De Maupasant – KING of All Short Story Writers

For the first time ever presented American readers the ONLY COMPLETE Edition, absolutely unexpurgated, in English of this great French writer, translated from the Original Manuscripts by linguists of literary distinction. Wonderful Critical Preface by Paul Bourget, of the French Academy.

Every Family.. should own.. this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica (Mar, 1930)

I wonder how people would have reacted if, just once, the family shown in the picture was Black or Asian. “Every Family with Children” is a pretty all encompassing statement.

Every Family with Children in it should own and can own this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica

Every family, and above all, every family with children in it, should own the great new Encyclopaedia Britannica— the one essential book for the home — the one work bringing to young and old the limitless advantages of modern knowledge.

What Every Farmer Should Know About Taking Care of Farm Animals (Dec, 1955)

What Every Farmer Should Know About Taking Care of Farm Animals

The Most Popular Veterinary Guide Ever Printed

This practical and helpful VETERINARY GUIDE FOR FARMERS prepares the farmer to perform many routine veterinary tasks—provides quick information that can often save the life of an animal—prevents disease in herds— saves money on the farm in a hundred different ways.

A Gay Family (May, 1934)

How very progressive.

And yes, I know that’s not what they meant.

A Gay Family

by Ethel Boileau

This delightful book has now become one of the most popular novels of the present season.

As one of the readers of this book expressed it, “‘A Gay Family’ appeals to those of us who enjoy a well written and unusually entertaining story about nice people. It is definitely a book for nice people who have breeding and character and culture.

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question (Mar, 1922)

“Constipation is the curse of the American People. It is the cause of more fatal diseases than any other preventable ailment.”

For some reason I doubt that.

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question

Learn the Secret of Health From Alfred W. McCann’s Wonderful Book


The Most Precious Thing in the World

HEALTH is The Most Precious Thing In The World. Without it nothing else matters No amount of “Dieting” or “Exercise” can bring health to you if you are ignorant of the proper kinds of food to eat.

ALWAYS ASK A MAN: Arlene Dahl’s Key To Femininity (Oct, 1965)

ALWAYS ASK A MAN: Arlene Dahl’s Key To Femininity

Just Published! ARLENE DAHL’S exciting new book for every woman who wants to be as attractive as she possibly can-

ARLENE DAHL SAYS: “Women are like snowflakes – no two in the world are exactly alike. Bring your own special feminine light out in the open and you’ll be surprised at how brightly it will shine — and how it will reflect an answering light in the eyes of men.”

HOW TO LOVE and be LOVED (Nov, 1959)


There Is an art In knowing how to gain love and affection. How to hold It so that happiness can last for a lifetime. Here within the pages of TRUE LOVE GUIDE you can discover — from the experience of successful lovers—many proven ways to find and hold a mate. You get secrets of technique . . . confidential information on how to avoid heartbreaking mistakes. All in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Discover the Mysteries of the Heavens (Jul, 1956)

I was going to quip about how advertisers liked to just throw Einstein’s name into an ad to convey a false sense of association, but in this case there seems to be a real one. According to Mattersdorf’s obituary in The New York Times, Einstein was an accounting client of his and did, in fact, proofread his book.

Discover the Mysteries of the Heavens

A simple, straightforward book about the wonders of astronomy for the beginning stargazer.


By Leo Mattersdorf,
with a deep debt of gratitude to Professor Albert Einstein

Art Or Filth? – The Prose And Cons Of Lady Chatterley (Nov, 1959)

Art Or Filth? – The Prose And Cons Of Lady Chatterley

The book that shocked the world was banned for 31 years. Should the ban continue?


“WHEN IS A “dirty word” not “dirty?”

We’re talking about those four-letter words which you may find written on the walls of the gents’ room in a waterfront saloon. When they’re written there—and taking into consideration the way they describe various sex acts—most people would agree that they’re “dirty.

But what happens when those same words are used to describe in detail the same sex acts in an obviously serious novel by an obviously serious and important writer?

Just what does this word Fascist mean, Henry? (Mar, 1938)

Everyone knows what a fascist is, right?

For those of you that don’t, the fine folks at Sadly No! have found a perfect definition from the ridiculous Jonah Goldberg:
“the quintessential liberal fascist isn’t an SS storm trooper; it is a female grade-school teacher with an education degree from Brown or Swarthmore,”

Just what does this word Fascist mean, Henry?

“It comes from Fasces, a bundle of rods and an ax that you see on this dime. Our New Merriam-Webster gives this interesting story about Fasces:”

“IN ANCIENT ROME this bundle of rods surrounding an ax was carried before a magistrate as his badge of authority. It symbolized his power to enforce the law through flogging or beheading. In Fascist Italy, the Fasces now stands for the unification of all the nation’s forces into a single powerful authority.”

WHEN you read in the news about the Nine-Power Treaty, you can turn to the New Merriam-Webster for quick, accurate facts about what it means for China.