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An Expert Answers 37 Most-asked Questions About Cancer (Nov, 1954)

A six page article about cancer and this is the only reference to smoking:

Q. Can you tell us something helpful about factors outside our own bodies, things we come in contact with, that might induce cancer? There have been scare stories about smoking—an impressive large-scale statistical study by the American Cancer Society had a lot to do with that, as you know, Doctor—and we hear about dangers of air pollution, auto-exhaust fumes, occupational exposures to chemicals, etc.

A. The widely publicized report—and it was only a preliminary report, at that—of the society’s smoking study seems to indicate an association between smoking and heart disease and cancer. But surely much work needs to be done to determine the nature of this association as well as the role of exhausts, air pollution, asphalt highways, and so forth, before anyone can make an accurate statement on the cause of cancer.

An Expert Answers 37 Most-asked Questions About Cancer

IN A TAPE-RECORDED SESSION, Dr. Brewster S. Miller (right), for more than six years director of professional education of the American Cancer Society, gives the vital answers to author Donald G. Cooley’s comprehensive queries. A world-famous cancer authority, Dr. Miller was a delegate to the 1954 International Cancer Congress, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Q. Dr. Miller, it is kind of you to consent to this interview, and I want to thank you on behalf of readers of Cosmopolitan Magazine, who will feel they are sitting across a desk from you, as I am, getting authoritative answers to questions that are of grave concern to all of us. Cancer is a word that frightens everybody. What does it mean? What is cancer?