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Chesterfield Ad: Land Sakes! I do believe I’ll try one (Feb, 1935)

When was the last time you saw a cigarette ad featuring an old person?

Land Sakes! I do believe I’ll try one
..for one thing

Chesterfield is the cigarette that’s Milder

..for other thing Chesterfield is the cigarette that Tastes Better

Chesterfields (Aug, 1935)

To knit and spin was not much fun
When ’twas my sole
But now I smoke these Chesterfields
And find it real
Mild… and yet.. They Satisfy

Chesterfield – They Satisfy (Nov, 1936)

Because when I want to pay tribute to something the first thing that comes to mind is using it as an ashtray.

A Tribute to Football
by Grantland Rice
Blocking backs and interference -Fifty thousand wild adherents –
Tackle thrusts and headlong clashes, Two yard bucks and dizzy dashes,
Head and shoulder, heart and soul, Till you fall across the goal.
And another all-star eleven – They Satisfy

Chesterfields for Christmas (Jan, 1938)

Chesterfield Ad: I really don’t know if I should smoke… (Jan, 1933)

This is an example of the cigarette industry brilliantly portraying their own propaganda as conventional wisdom.

In the 1920’s it was considered inappropriate for women to smoke. Realizing that they could double their market the American Tobacco company hired a man named Edward Bernays to change that perception. Bernays, who is considered the father of the public relations industry, decided it would be effective to associate smoking with freedom and womens suffrage. He payed models to march in women’s rights parades smoking cigarettes and referring to them as “Torches of Freedom”. Then he made sure all of the major papers and magazines noted this fact and prominently featured pictures of them. An easy task since he worked for their biggest advertisers.

The cigarette industry spent a lot of money to associate women getting the vote with smoking and apparently it was still paying off handsomely a decade later.

If you want to learn more about this and a host of other topics relating to marketing, propaganda, public relations and the rise of consumer society you should check out the amazing BBC documentary series “The Century of Self” by Adam Curtis (available at the Internet Archive and Google Video). I found it be a very eye opening experience.

I really don’t know if I should smoke…

… but my brothers and my sweetheart smoke, and it does give me a lot of pleasure.
Women began to smoke, so they tell me, just about the time they began to vote, but that’s hardly a reason for women smoking. I guess I just like to smoke, that’s all.

It so happens that I smoke CHESTERFIELD. They seem to be milder and they have a very pleasing taste.

the Cigarette that’s Milder
the Cigarette that Tastes Better

It always has stopped raining (Apr, 1935)

I am utterly perplexed by this advertisement. Besides the obvious irony that for smokers sixty is more likely the beginning of the end, can someone please explain what point this ad is trying to get across? “It always has stopped raining”? Is that a proper sentence? It sounds like someone started with a sentence like “It felt like an eternity before the rain stopped.” then used google to translate it into french, then german then chinese then back into english again.

It always has stopped raining

Life begins at sixty


They Satisfy

Ronnie the Riveter (Jun, 1942)

Rosie gets all the press, but very few people know about Ronnie the Riveter, the WWII icon of gay war-workers in the U.S.

Where I work It’s Chesterfield

Here’s the answer to that. . . Chesterfields are Milder, Cooler-Smoking and definitely Better-Tasting in just the way you want a good cigarette to be. And no question about it, there’s a lot more smoking pleasure in Chesterfield’s Right Combination of the world’s best cigarette tobaccos. ,

For steady enjoyment, make your next pack Chesterfields… regardless of price, there is no better cigarette made today.
Chesterfields are on the job with Smokers everywhere
They Satisfy

Give Cigarettes as a Christmas Present (Dec, 1940)

Apparently twenty years after this article, it was alright for women to smoke.

for Christmas … give the cigarette that satisfies
A carton of Chesterfields with their MILDER BETTER TASTE will give your friends more pleasure than anything else you can buy for the money.
The attractive Gift Carton that says Merry Christmas