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Her Cookie Time Is Christmas Time (Dec, 1950)

Her Cookie Time Is Christmas Time

When her fellow townsmen found out about a Milwaukee woman’s Christmas cookies, they swamped her with orders, with no consideration for price.

Photographs by Doris Ann and Joseph J. Krupinski

Mrs. Earl Jacobson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has proved that Christmas cookie baking is not only easy and lots of fun, but profitable too. To those of us who may spend an entire day struggling with one fancy cookie recipe, Mrs. Jacobson’s record of 325 dozen cookies in three days seems unbelievable.

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot” (Jun, 1954)

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot”

Somewhere today there is someone who would like to hear the sound of your voice.

A friendly visit by telephone is the next best thing to being there in person.

Make Christmas Gifts in Your Home Workshop (Jan, 1933)

If the other gifts were interesting and I posted them, you can find them on the page for this issue.

Make Christmas Gifts in Your Home Workshop

THIS year more than ever before, when pockets don’t contain so many pennies for Santa Glaus, the project of building Christmas presents in the home workshop carries a special appeal. On these pages two interesting gift ideas are presented, and your attention is also called to articles on pages 95, 102, 113, 122, 129, 130 and 137 of this issue, which present a variety of ideas suitable to every type of audience.

White Elephant Party (Nov, 1955)

White Elephant Party

There is only one drawback to this kind of affair: you may get back a worse eyesore than one you gave.

GETTING rid of unwanted household articles and having a good time to boot, was the purpose of a recent White Elephant Party celebrated by a group of Camden, S. C., Du Pont plant employes and their wives. The reason for such an affair is diabolically simple: find that awful gift your great-aunt Zenobia gave you a few years ago, gaily wrap it and bring it to a party where some unsuspecting soul will win it. There is only one drawback to this plan: what you win may prove to be more of a white elephant than what you gave!

Oh.. .what a Santa Claus you can be this year! (Jan, 1933)

Oh.. .what a Santa Claus you can be this year!

Santa Claus… down a chimney? No, she’s found out there’s no such man. Not a jolly white-bearded old fellow who gives things to you, but a lean old man — “Hard Times”—who steals everything away. Show her—show her it’s a lie!

The Welfare and Relief Mobilization for 1932 is a cooperative national program to reenforce local fund-raising for human welfare and relief needs. No national fund is being raised; each community is making provision for its own people; each community will have full control of the money it obtains.

Save time – Shop here for the photo fans on your Christmas list (Dec, 1952)

Save time – Shop here for the photo fans on your Christmas list

These two pages give you some idea of the many useful and inexpensive gift ideas at your photo dealer’s. Visit him soon. He’ll be glad to help you choose just the right gift for every photo fan on your shopping list.

Easy-to-use materials for printing pictures —ideally suited for beginners. Kodacraft Printing Kit, $4.95.

Basic essentials for developing and printing pictures, including roll-film tank. Kodacraft Photo-Lab Outfit, $8.75.

Flame-Proof Christmas Trees that Glow in the Dark (Nov, 1950)

Flame-Proof Christmas Trees that Glow in the Dark

Different! Needles never shed—no dirt— lasts lifetime. Safe— flameproof! Amazingly beautiful in light or darkness. Folds for storage. Imported from Europe—limited supply. Order now.


Just pay postman on delivery, plus postal charges. Be sure to state size tree desired. Or send cash with order and we prepay all postage. Satisfaction or money back. Dealers wanted.

2 Ft. $2
3 Ft. $3
4 Ft. $4

TOY SHOP, Dept.33-M, 2241 Gravois, St.Louis 4, Missouri

Holiday Lighting Magic (Jan, 1942)

Holiday Lighting Magic

Here are some original suggestions for attractive home Christmas displays.

by Earle Gage

THIS holiday season, as never before, homes and communities throughout the land will burst forth into magical greeting, as home craftsmen fabricate and illuminate new and brilliant displays. The festive spirit of the season and the gay atmosphere of gala events will live in sparkling, colorful lights.

Holiday lighting presents unlimited opportunities for the home craftsman to exercise his imagination and ingenuity. Standard wired materials and lamps lend themselves to many combinations to give new designs and arrangements of displays, both inside and outside homes.

More Christmas Suggestions (Dec, 1936)

Apparently typewriters were the must-have gift that season. They make up three out of 13 suggestions.

More Christmas Suggestions

For the junior scientist what would be more appropriate than this photo electric eye apparatus. Motors can be made to run by waving your arm, burglar alarms installed without wiring and music can be produced from varying light beams.

Any member of the family will appreciate a flashlight. This model features a chrome case and a positive contact thumb switch.

Christmas Suggestions (Dec, 1936)

Also take a look at More Christmas Suggestions from the same issue.

Christmas Suggestions

For the amateur scientist this Micro-photography outfit is the ideal gift. Permanent records of all experiments can be kept on photographic prints. The microscope and the camera can be used independently.

Cellulose wrappings add much to the appearance of gifts. At right are examples of what attractive wrapping will do. Below—This toy airplane will thrill any youth who receives it. Plane performs like a real ship.