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MERRY XMAS TO ALL (and a carton of Kools) (Dec, 1936)

MERRY XMAS TO ALL (and a carton of Kools)

WHERE’S the holiday throat that won’t enjoy their soothing touch of mild menthol? Where’s the smoker of either sex who won’t relish KOOLS blend of superior Turkish-Domestic tobaccos? Remember that each pack not only carries a valuable coupon, but there’s two extra coupons in a carton! — a good start toward those attractive B & W premiums (offer good U. S. A. only). So give ’em all KOOLS . . . they’ll appreciate ’em most! Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., P. 0. Box 599, Louisville, Ky.

Chesterfields for Christmas (Jan, 1938)

Give an Atkins Saw for Christmas (Dec, 1950)

Do you have friends and family with cows that need sawing up? Well do I have the gift for you!


ATKINS Jr.-65, identical in everything but size with the famous Atkins No. 65, its larger counterpart—same Perfection-Pattern handle, same super-fine steel, same precision balance and taper grinding! But reduced in size for easy handling by smaller hands! High-speed, “Silver Steel” quality through and through! Other saws in the Atkins Junior Line include Jr. 2, Jr. 4 and Jr. 6 — all small editions of Atkins saws which have proved their outstanding superiorities in the hands of particular craftsmen for many years!

CORONA for XMAS (Dec, 1936)


every child and every student wants and needs this dependable home typewriter

because the 1937 Coronas are the finest, the fastest, the smoothest and easiest-running that we have offered in all our quarter-century of portable pioneering

Tips From Santa (Dec, 1947)

That is one scary looking, stereotype filled tree they’ve got there.

Tips From Santa
Santa says there’s no real Joy like making things with your hands. Let’s start with Christmas decorations.

WE HEARTILY agree with Santa. Making things with our own hands is one of those fundamental satisfactions in life— and it is one that our mass-production age has almost eliminated. This Christmas, if you want to add some real cheer to an event that has become far too commercial, try making your own yuletide decorations.

Now more than ever Give her a Hoover and you give her the best (Dec, 1936)

I agree with the ad, if you give your wife a vacuum cleaner for christmas, you can be sure of getting “Positive Agitation”. And no sex.

Now more than ever Give her a Hoover and you give her the best

Smart cellophane wrappings hide something thrillingly new in helpfulness. Lucky woman! Her husband’s giving her the Hoover One Fifty Cleaning Ensemble… the first basically new cleaner in 10 years. Now she’ll clean everything as she goes … rug-and-furniture cleaner in one ensemble, instantly convertible.

Santa Goes Electronic (Dec, 1946)

I was very disappointed to learn that the rifle on the second page is not actually a toy.

Santa Goes Electronic


An atomic-age Santa naturally has to bring electronic toys.

WILLIAM L. GARSTANG has created a $l,000,000-a-year business by giving old man Santa Claus an electronic shot in the arm.

Little more than a year ago, as president of Electronic Laboratories, Inc., of Indianapolis, tall, slim, 36-year-old Garstang was up to his ears turning out war supplies for the armed forces. As the inventor, designer, and manufacturer of some of our most vital electronic equipment, Garstang did a capital “E” job. But when reconversion began to loom, he began to wonder what he’d do with the huge defense plant that would soon be sitting idle on his hands. He found the answer in the very devices he was manufacturing. In place of working for Uncle Sam, he decided he’d work for Santa Claus—by reconverting war devices into electronic toys.

Carl & Jerry – Under the Mistletoe (Dec, 1958)

The whole thing is pretty funny. I particularly like the reference to his “rotund friend”. The word rotund is definitely under used these days.

Suddenly he grabbed his rotund friend and roughly pushed his wrist watch against Jerry’s right cheek while he pressed his lips firmly against the left cheek. “Testing, testing, testing!” he muttered.

“Hey! Cut that out! Quit slobbering on me!” Jerry said indignantly as he jerked himself free. “What’s the matter with you? Did you catch Cindy’s kissing bug?”

“Did you feel anything? Did you feel a-shock?” Carl asked intently.

“Sure I did. Why shouldn’t I?”

“I felt it then, too, but there was nothing when I kissed Cindy.

Carl & Jerry
Under the Mistletoe


“FOR the last time, no!” Carl shouted at his friend, Jerry, sprawled on the old leather divan of the basement laboratory; “I’m not going to take your visiting cousin Patricia to the Christmas party.”

“And why not?” Jerry demanded truculently. “With those blue eyes, black hair, and dimples, she isn’t exactly a crow, you know. And didn’t she win the science award? She knows darned near as much about electronics as we do. Lots of guys would jump at the chance.”

“Let ’em jump,” Carl said firmly. “I’ll not deny she’s easy on the eyes, quite hep, and nice, too, for a girl. It’s simply that I’ve had it as far as these Christmas party capers are concerned.”



Red Christmas candles that will-amaze and mystify the children can be prepared in such a way that when the wicks are lighted the outside, which is merely a shell, will shoot into the air and reveal a stick of candy. This is much more surprising and novel than an ordinary jack-in-the-box and is quite as safe.

Make the candles by rolling shiny red paper into a tube. Each tube fits over a stick of candy set in a hole in a 3 in. wooden disk, also enameled red. In the top of each tube, resting on the candy, is placed a coil spring tied up with a cord, and the ends of the cord project out of the top to form the wick. The cord is prepared in advance by dipping it into a hot, saturated solution of saltpeter with a little glue added. When the wick is lighted, it will burn down quickly and release the spring, and the candle shell will be shot high into the air.

A few candles prepared in this way will add to the gayety at any Christmas or New Year’s party.—G. S. G.

I’ll help you get a Daisy for Christmas – Red Ryder (Dec, 1940)

This is a great ad. Kids who really want a BB gun for christmas write in and Red Ryder will send them little “this is what you should get me for christmas” reminder cards. Then they just hide them all over the house where their parents are sure to find them.

I also really like the line “If you HAVE money now (or can get it) buy your Daisy NOW”. You know how you can get it. Mr Jones down the street said he’d give you a shiny nickel everytime you sat on his lap. A small price to pay for a brand new Red Ryder Golden Banded 1000-Shot Saddle Carbine isnt it?

I’ll help you get a Daisy for Christmas – Red Ryder

The new Golden Banded 1000-Shot Red Ryder Saddle Carbine

BOYS! Send coupon to Red Ryder for your FREE Christmas Reminder Kit, enclosing 3c stamp, please, to help cover our handling-postage cost. Kit contains printed “messages” to be signed by you, pictures of all Daisy Air Rifles, complete directions. It’s FUN to use! Put “Reminders” under milk bottles, in mail-box, on Dad’s easy chair. They’ll HELP you get a Daisy for Christmas.

If you HAVE money now (or can get it) buy your Daisy NOW. IF your Dealer hasn’t it, or no Dealer is near you, send us the price of your favorite Daisy in cash or Money Order and we’ll mail it POSTPAID. (Duty added in Canada.) Or—rush coupon, 3c stamp, for Christmas Reminder Kit.