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I WANT MEN! (Nov, 1936)


Tea and Coffee Routes Paying up to $60.00 in a Week!

ROUTES Going Fast!

Hurry before someone else snaps up your locality. Look what others have reported: Whitcomb, $146 in a week; Geisler, $129 in a week; Ruby Hannen, a woman, $73 in a week.

coffee nerves? (May, 1934)

coffee nerves?

Exhausted? Suffering from jittery nerves… sleepless nights? Many times coffee’s the trouble… coffee containing caffeine.

Give your nerves a chance to relax! Switch to Kellogg’s Kaffee-Hag Coffee! Blend of finest Brazilian and Colombian coffees, 97% caffeine-free. Doesn’t drive you… can’t upset you… can’t cost you one wink of sleep.

NEW for the HOME (Jan, 1954)

NEW for the HOME

THREE-IN-ONE carriage is adaptable for going to market or carrying baby. Bottom folds up. can be used to carry bags and cases. Made in Germany.

RUB-A-DUB-MIT has built-in washboard of soft but tough Plastisol. Cleans nylons, silk lingerie, other light laundry. Vail Corp.. Paterson. N.J.

Chase & Sanborn Coffee: You hear a bigger whoosh. (Oct, 1955)

That is a really weird ampersand they use. The OCR software thought it was a £ and I can see why.

You hear a bigger whoosh.

You smell a fresher aroma.

You taste an extra richness.

Why? Because Chase & Sanborn “Dome Top” Coffee is fresher than any other leading brand. It’s the only one that’s pressure packed. And pressure packing preserves coffee freshness and flavor better than vacuum cans or bags.

Giant Coffee Urn In Service (Mar, 1938)

That looks pretty dangerous.

Giant Coffee Urn In Service
THE U. S. Coast Guard base at New London, Connecticut, has been provided with a coffee urn which is believed to be the largest ever constructed. It holds 60 gallons of water and the handle on its cover is just within reach of an average size girl. The big coffee maker is the center of attraction on cold nights for men returning from chilly excursions aboard patrol boats.