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Houses While You Wait (Jun, 1946)

Houses While You Wait are the product of this giant house-building machine, which erects a two-bedroom concrete home in 24 hours. After the giant machine is wheeled into the desired location, its great box-like mold is lowered into position over a previously constructed framework.


This is only tangentially related, but if you have a few minutes check out this video about this insane machine used to bore and create tunnels for subways. It’s kind of mind blowing.


THE Pipemobile moves pipes—really big pipes—like the 67-ton, 13-foot diameter jobs on these pages. The American Pipe and Construction Co. of South Gate, Calif., devised this $200,000, one-of-a-kind machine. When the Pipe-mobile is ready to go to work, its large front wheel “steps up” into the pipe.

This wheel then supports the rig from inside the pipe while the two wheels behind are raised for entry. At the other end of the pipe, the wheels “step down” to the ground and the Pipemobile is ready to raise the pipe, move it and join it to other sections. Now if you have a big pipe…