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Folding Cane for the Blind (Dec, 1955)

Folding Cane for the Blind

Blind persons can now obtain a white cane that is folded when not in use. The lightweight cane is made of aluminum tubing coated with white plastic. When the cane is held by the wrist cord and allowed to fall freely, the four aluminum segments snap together and become a rigid unit. Rubber tubing inside the cane draws each segment of the metal tubing into the next larger diameter to a depth of one inch.

Motorcar for Handicapped Operates Like Plane (Feb, 1949)

Motorcar for Handicapped Operates Like Plane
Many of the control features of an airplane have been built into a motor vehicle designed for handicapped veterans. Constructed by Edward T. Adkins of Palo Alto, Calif., the little car runs three miles an hour on electricity supplied by a self-charging battery or 20 miles an hour on a gasoline engine. The tires are from the tail wheels of fighter planes and the controls for operating the vehicle are grouped just as they are in multi-engine planes. A built-in spray for extinguishing fires operates automatically.