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New Anesthetic Removes Fear (Jan, 1930)

Imagine that, you give people barbiturates and they ask for more. Who’da thunk it?

New Anesthetic Removes Fear

A NEW anesthetic which puts patients to sleep so pleasantly and easily that they ask for more, has been reported by Dr. J. S. Lundy of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. R. M. Isenberger, professor of pharmacology of the University of Kansas.


The first person to say “women” in the comments gets a permanent ban.


By Lucian Cary

We’ve been told a hundred times that “Alcoholism is a disease.” We’ve acquiesced in the statement, though but vaguely understanding it, believing all the time probably that in this connection “disease” means moral weakness. Psychology, powerfully bolstering up medical science, now shows us the nature of this disease.

The House I Live In SF Premiere

The House I Live In is premiering in SF and Berkeley today and I hope any of you in the Bay Area will go see it. My sister Melinda produced the movie and she’ll be doing a Q&A after the 4PM and 7:10PM shows at the Sundance Cinemas in SF.

While I admit to being a little bit biased, it has also been getting really good reviews like this one in the New York Times. Also it’s currently rated 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

For a little historical context (really, this stuff is in the movie), check out the drugs tag on this site.

Sundance Kabuki Cinemas: 1881 Post Street, San Francisco, CA
1:20, 4:00, 7:10 & 9:45
tickets: https://www.sundancecin…

Shattuck Cinemas: 2230 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704
2:00, 4:30, 7:00 & 9:30
tickets: https://tickets.landmar…

Eugene Jarecki’s seminal film Why We Fight dissected the underbelly of the American war machine. Now, with scalpel-like precision, Jarecki turns his lens on a less visible war—one that is costing more lives, destroying more families, and quickly becoming a scourge on the soul of American society. In the past 40 years, the War on Drugs has accounted for 45 million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer, and destroyed impoverished communities at home and abroad. Yet drugs are cheaper, purer, and more available today than ever. Where did we go wrong, and what can be done?


Director Eugene Jarecki on the Daily show talking about the movie:

Speed Kills – Drugs That Even Scare Hippies (Oct, 1967)

The drugs they are talking about here are all prescription amphetamines, not crystal meth.

Speed Kills – Drugs That Even Scare Hippies


Hippies, as a warning to other hippies, sometimes wear buttons that say SPEED KILLS. The words of caution have nothing to do with traffic safety. They warn against a powerful drug popularly called “speed”—methamphetamine hydrochloride, best known by one of its trade names, Methedrine. Methedrine belongs to the amphetamine family of drugs which work speedily and strikingly on the human nervous system and which, in terms of their potential dangers, may be the most underestimated drugs used by teen-agers today.

The House I live In

This is the trailer for The House I Live in, a movie about the drug war that my sister Melinda produced. It won the Grand Jury Documentary Prize at Sundance this year and is amazing. You should all see it when it comes out.

The House I Live In – Official Site
The House I Live In – Apple Trailers Site

Dream Drugs – GUILTY of MURDER! (Nov, 1959)

“The high priest of the craze is the celebrated Aldous Huxley, an expatriate Englishman with a whole string of best sellers to his credit. Huxley stumbled on the weird idea while living in his ivory tower in sunny Southern California, probably under the invigorating influence of that daffy birthplace of innumerable fads.”

Dream Drugs – GUILTY of MURDER!

In this Public Service Feature, TOP SECRET exposes the current craze of hypnotic drugs that produce technicolor dreams — but also death!


A dangerous new craze for hypnotic drugs that produce dreams in color has recently been uncovered on the West Coast.

The shocking story of these dope dreamers came to light when 18-year-old Michael Hawks, a brilliant freshmen student at Redlands University, in California, died mysteriously after going on a dream drug binge.

The son of die chairman of the board of directors of a Sierra Madre engineering firm, Hawks had been warned by University authorities about dabbling with hypnotic drugs that make addicts have dreams in color.

Profit for Farmer in Drugs Now Being Imported (Aug, 1938)

Profit for Farmer in Drugs Now Being Imported

American farmers may find profit in raising some plants which are the basis of crude drugs now imported to the extent of $8,000,000 a year. Dr. Perrin H. Long, of Johns Hopkins University, points out that United States soil and climate are favorable for producing licorice, mahuang (ephedrine), castor beans and tragacanth, now imported from Russia, China, Brazil and Persia.

Ten Drugs to Avoid in Medicines (Jun, 1932)

Ten Drugs to Avoid in Medicines

THERE are ten drugs often contained in patent headache medicines which are so dangerous that every purchaser should look carefully for them on the label before buying or using the remedy.

Three are opiates, including opium, morphine and heroin. All three may cause the drug habit and should only be used under direct supervision of a competent physician. Three more habit-forming drugs are cocaine, and the similar drugs, alpha eucaine and beta eucaine.

Chloroform, the anesthetic, cannabis indica or Indian hemp, an oriental drug, chloral hydrate, used in the infamous “knock-out drops”, and acetanild, which has a powerful depressant action on the heart and blood circulation, complete the list.


Mechanical ingenuity of narcotic smugglers is constantly being tested in devising new methods of bringing their contraband goods safely into the country. The picture shows a Bible which has been hollowed out in the center to provide a hiding place for thousands of dollars worth of morphine and other opiates. The book was confiscated by Internal Revenue inspectors.

Why 2,000,000 Americans Are Dope Fiends (Jun, 1930)

Why 2,000,000 Americans Are Dope Fiends

DR. WM. I. SIROVICH, a leading authority, tells here the amazing facts about the illegal dope traffic, which in recent years has assumed the proportions of a national peril. He is a member of Congress and a physician, and is leading the fight for an international agreement to stem the blighting tide of habit-forming narcotics that pours into this country from abroad.


IN THE United States, one out of every sixty persons is a drug addict. During the decade from 1920 to 1930, the number of narcotic victims in America has doubled, tripled, quadrupled. One ton a year of crude opium and its derivatives would meet the legitimate medicinal and scientific needs of the nation. Yet, last year, approximately 200 tons were smuggled into America. The amount of morphine consumed is thirty-five times that required; and, with a smaller population than that of Germany, France, and Italy combined, we import ten times as much crude opium as these three nations together.