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How to Remember Names and Faces (Sep, 1954)

How to Remember Names and Faces

Name-forgetting can be both embarrassing and frustrating. But you can train your mind to remember by association.

By Dr. Bruno Furst

Dr. Bruno Furst, lawyer and psychologist, is the director and founder of the School of Memory and Concentration with headquarters at 365 West End Ave. in New York and branches all over the country, South America, and Canada. Its Correspondence Course Division extends over five continents. Dr. Furst’s system is taught at many universities, colleges, adult education centers, business firms and trade associations. He is the author of several books dealing with memory improvement. The latest is Stop Forgetting, published by Doubleday & Co.

Put Your Best Fault Forward (May, 1942)

Put Your Best Fault Forward

Charm is a state of mind, not a gift from heaven. It shows in the little things you do—how you answer the phone, or put out your cigarette. Here’s wise advice from an expert who has helped thousands to build attractive personality.

by Rose Marie Bourdillon

Madame Bourdillon (she doesn’t insist on the “Madame”) is a leading American authority on the art of personal charm. Thousands have turned to her for advice and instruction on how to turn it on with the aid of make-up, dress, manners, and character improvement. She holds degrees in psychology, art, and pharmaceutical chemistry, having studied in Yale University, the Connecticut School of Pharmacy, and the Sorbonne in Paris.