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How Man-Apes Became Men (Oct, 1931)

Unfortunately this article was written about twenty years before Piltdown Man was revealed to be a forgery.

How Man-Apes Became Men

A Startling Human Chapter in the Story of LIFE . . . The World’s Greatest Mystery

DR. WILLIAM K. GREGORY famous scientist of the American Museum of Natural History, has explained the origin of the earth and of life; how we got our face and other bodily parts, and man’s descent from apelike ancestors. When our earth was about one billion years old, life appeared as little specks of jelly in primeval puddles. Growing into cell-groups, then wormlike creatures, and later into air-breathing fishes that eventually crawled out onto land, these early life germs gave rise to all animals and at last man. Last month, Dr. Gregory traced man’s descent from monkeylike forbears that lived in the trees more than ten million years ago, and explained why we are still monkeys.