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Papering the World to Make Crops Grow (Mar, 1924)

Papering the World to Make Crops Grow

STRIPS of paper, three feet wide and less than one thirty-second of an inch in thickness, have increased the production of pineapples in the Hawaiian Islands by more than forty per cent. Laid in a field of sun-grown Sumatra tobacco, in Florida, the same kind of paper increased production more than fifty per cent.

Electric Tractors (Sep, 1936)

The key to a good electric tractor is to sup-supply the current.

Electric Tractors

THE Soviet Union increasingly widens the application of electric power to agriculture. The large network of electric power stations has made it possible to use electricity in running tractors, and other agricultural machines.

The photo shows an electric caterpillar tractor. Above the tractor cabin is mounted a drum for the cable that sup-supplies the current.

Scale-Model Farm (Apr, 1948)

I really like the glossy saturated color printing they used in the mid-40’s.

Scale-Model Farm

LEOPOLD ARMBRUSTER, recovering from a leg ailment, found he was a top-flight miniaturist.

He laid a board on his lap (for a bench) and started whittling out a farm building. His fingers flew. His farm grew. In six months it was a vast table-top establishment complete with eight buildings, cows, horses, sheep, hogs, rabbits, chickens, pigeons, people and wagons—all boiled down to a scale of 1/4 in. to 1 ft.—a masterpiece of fine detail.

His buildings come apart and are fully equipped with rooms, furniture, stalls, chutes, etc. Animals and men are molded of clay.

Mechanical Hired Man (Nov, 1955)

Mechanical Hired Man

Britisher’s relentless ploughboy quits only when the work is done.

FARMER E. A. Cory of Compton Abdale, Gloucestershire, England, has designed a completely automatic tractor control. His Fordson Diesel tractor has a steering arm connected by light cord to a square reel he can set up in the center of any ground he wants to work. Once started, the tractor works in a widening circle until the line is played out, returns as the line rewinds, stops when it reaches the control post. •