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10,000 EGGS IN OMELET (Oct, 1931)


What does it take to cook an omelet containing 10,000 eggs? That was the question that poultrymen of Seattle, Wash., faced, when the event was assigned a place on the program of their annual egg festival.

“Mother Goose” Bungalow Shelters Nesting Ducks (Nov, 1938)

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“Mother Goose” Bungalow Shelters Nesting Ducks

Looking as if it had been plucked right from the pages of a “Mother Goose” book, a bungalow for ducks stands on the shore of an artificial lake in Alexandria, Minn. This fairy tale cottage with sloping Walls

and crooked chimney has shuttered windows and flower boxes, and the glassed windows are indirectly illuminated at night with electric lights hidden in shallow boxes inside the window frames. It appears, at night, to be a busy little hotel, but the hundred or more residents of “Duck Inn” sleep inside in complete darkness.



MISS GLADYS INGLE, stunt flyer, believes in proof. That’s why she had her picture taken with this 212-pound black bass which she caught off the coast at Hermosa Beach, California.

The giant fish was brought to submission only after a struggle lasting an hour and a half. Miss Ingle hooked tlie fish with light tackle, a fact which made the landing extremely difficult. The hook from which it is suspended in the picture is merely for the purpose of the photograph.

MI-stoppers V (Sep, 1954)


SEA SERPENT? When Keith McRae of Sidney. Australia, hauled in this 12-foot-long oarfish. he thought he had caught one. This peculiar eel-like creature grows up to 40 feet in length.

WHALE OF A MOUTH comfortably holds three young Jonahs at Luna Park in Naples, Italy. The huge mammal died after being washed ashore there recently. It was stuffed, displayed at resort.

Young Hound Stands Seven Feet (Feb, 1930)

Young Hound Stands Seven Feet

BRIAN, thoroughbred Irish wolf hound, only eleven months old and still growing, measures seven feet from toes on the ground to his nose in the air when his master, J. G. MacKenzie, of Lima, Ohio, holds up his forelegs.

Largest Diesel Engine in World Has Just Been Completed (May, 1930)

Largest Diesel Engine in World Has Just Been Completed

THE first of the pair of Diesel engines that are to drive the White Star liner M. V. Britannic across the Atlantic has just completed its test run. This ten-cylinder double-acting four-stroke power unit, which was built by Harland & Wolff, Ltd., of Belfast, is the largest Diesel yet made and on test it gave 10,000 h.p. at 110 revolutions per minute on the dynamometer.

Big Dealings on California Beach as Beauties Use Mammoth Cards (Jul, 1930)

Big Dealings on California Beach as Beauties Use Mammoth Cards

MAMMOTH playing cards suitable for outdoor use have recently become the fad with society beauties on the California beaches. The photo shows a poker game in progress with paper plates used as chips. The cards are waterproof and very durable, and while a trifle too large for convenience have proved popular with those seeking something new in the way of amusements. A lapful is dealt to each player instead of a hand.



Big enough for an eight-year-old child to walk through, a camera that can use any plate from four by five inches to four by four feet, has been designed for the U. S. Geological Survey. It is suspended from an overhead track twenty-five feet long and four feet wide. This suspension prevents vibrations from the ground or building interfering with the apparatus.

World’s Largest Binoculars (Feb, 1930)

World’s Largest Binoculars

A HUGE pair of binoculars, pictured below, believed to be the largest in the world, were placed on exhibit at the optical congress at Northampton Polytechnic, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Largest Dial Thermometer Built (Jul, 1934)

Largest Dial Thermometer Built

THE world’s largest dial thermometer has recently been installed at Atlantic City. The diameter of the dial is 22 feet; the pointer measures 9-1/2′. The control element is a small helix of bronze tubing filled with a liquid which expands or contracts with each change in temperature.