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Awnings for Your Specs (Oct, 1952)

Awnings for Your Specs

EYEGLASS awnings keep the raindrops away, according to Don L. Davis of Los Angeles, shown here sporting the new style, It took an aircraft maintenance engineer of Miami to think them up, though! A prize winner in a gadget oddity contest, the awnings are made of light stainless metal, may be attached to the glass frames in any one of several ways.

Basketball “Bumpers” Protect Eyeglasses (Apr, 1941)

Basketball “Bumpers” Protect Eyeglasses

“Bumpers” for basketball players now enable those who wear glasses to enjoy the sport. A transparent guard of unbreakable plastic, cut away to bridge the nose, completely surrounds the spectacles and insures them against being knocked off or shattered if struck. Supported by straps, the headgear is held away from the face by resilient pads resting against forehead and cheeks, and is said not to impair vision. The illustration shows Dick Dikeman, high-school player of Detroit, Mich.

NEW in SCIENCE (Nov, 1954)


Two Dutch girls inject preservative chemicals into flowers in a Dusseldorf, Germany, flower shop. Chemicals keep flowers fresh for months.

These sight and hearing glasses, available in various colors and shapes, have a built-in hearing aid complete with batteries and microphone.

NEW for the ROAD (Jul, 1950)

NEW for the ROAD

Vetmobile. constructed of obsolete airplane parts by Edward Adkins of Palo Alto, enables handicapped ex-GI’s to drive. It uses either a gas engine or an electric motor. Built-in hydraulic jacks simplify wheel changing. It has a two-way radio and a key-making machine is mounted on the car’s side (see photo).

let’s see…There are eyes, and eyes! (Sep, 1951)

Well, there are certainly eyes that grope the world…

let’s see…

There are eyes, and eyes!

There are eyes that grope in a world of blurs and double images… neglected eyes, straining to see, plaguing their owners with untold misery. Then there are eyes that really see! Eyes, so bright, so clear, they add a plus value to everything in life. They are a precision tool on the production line, speeding the job, guarding against accidents.

IT’S NEW! (Nov, 1956)

Wow, those glasses are basically a reflecting telescope.


HIGH GRADE GRAVEL, freshly hand-sifted from Colombian emerald mine. Gems will bring as much as $11,500,000 per pound.

REAL COOL, say Transit Authority men Joseph O’Grady and Charles Patterson as they dig New York subway air-conditioning.

PERFECT IRON CRYSTAL with tensile strength of 1,900,000 pounds per sq. in. has been grown in General Electric lab.

‘Venetian Blinds’ in Goggles Shade the Wearer’s Eyes (Mar, 1941)

‘Venetian Blinds’ in Goggles Shade the Wearer’s Eyes

Tiny Venetian blinds are built into the top of a new type of sun goggles to shade the eyes from direct sun glare. The Venetian-like structure is an integral part of the lenses, formed by deep rectangular indentations in the lens material which are then filled with opaque liquid. While the uncolored lenses are about ninety-eight per cent transparent, the upper part intercepts overhead sun rays and casts a shadow on the eyes. In one type, the “blinds” are made of thin, flat wires.

Making Third Dimension Spectacles (Mar, 1935)

Making Third Dimension Spectacles

SEE your own photographs in true perspective with these inexpensive, easily-made “third dimension” spectacles—enjoy “living scenes” where every contour, every figure is distinctly visible.

The principle of the old-fashioned stereoscope, with its double-image views in which figures and scenery stood out in bold relief, is merely applied to your own snapshots.

Glasses Magnify Eighteen Times (May, 1934)

Glasses Magnify Eighteen Times

NEW microscopic reading glasses, so powerful that they increase the size of ordinary newsprint eighteen times, have been invented by Dr. William Feinbloom of New York. These glasses are three times more powerful than anything of the kind previously known.

Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare (Feb, 1938)

Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare

Complete comfort and safety are promised to the night automobile driver who will wear a new type of eyeshade. Colored material above the eyes blocks out the glare of approaching headlights at a distance and as the bright headlights approach, shields at the driver’s left block out the glare from that direction. It is claimed the eye glasses serve to tone down the brightness at the left side of the road and to leave perfectly clear and visible the right side where the driver is traveling.