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You Can Now Play Real Golf at Home (Oct, 1921)

This word, “real”, I do not think it means what you think it means.

You Can Now Play Real Golf at Home


Henceforth you may play golf indoors and virtually watch the appearance of the shot and the extent of the flight through the air. A clean, straight-hit ball is a poem of swift, silent flight. With this new machine and the score card of any course in the world, you can play that course, using the machine for your shots up to the green, and with a piece of carpet and a putting cup playing the hole out to its conclusion.

Pedestrians Lose Last Refuge (Aug, 1930)

Yup. Nailed it. (video link)

Pedestrians Lose Last Refuge

Our artist’s idea of what may happen if they start playing golf by auto.

CURTIS W. WILLOCK. of Pasadena, is inordinately fond of golf. He may never be a champion but he certainly has contributed in a large measure, to the modernization of the ancient and honorable sport. Ordered by his physician to avoid fatigue caused by the long walk around the links. Mr. Willock had a special electric car built which permits him to enjoy the game.

Billiards and Miniature Golf Combined in Table Game (Mar, 1931)

Billiards and Miniature Golf Combined in Table Game

BILLIARDS and miniature golf are combined in a new table game recently introduced. Regular golf balls are used, but billiard cues are used instead of clubs. To enjoy the game the player need not be expert at billiards nor proficient at golf, although the atmosphere of both diversions is present.

The game is planned so that by doubling back over the course nine holes can be played, with a complete change of shots as the bunkers present a different angle on the return. Par for the nine holes is thirty-two shots. If so desired, the tees, bunkers and hazards may be arranged in position on the floor, and the game played with a golf putter instead of a billiard cue, thus affording excellent putting practice.

Stockings Protect Golf Clubs (Mar, 1932)

Stockings Protect Golf Clubs

A DISABLED ex-service man at the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Eastbourne, England, has created the latest in head coverings for golf clubs. They are knitted woolen stockings, with the customary tassel and are especially serviceable for warding off rust attacks. The covers are made by veterans of the home.

Golf Cup Ejects Ball Up Into Air (May, 1931)

Golf Cup Ejects Ball Up Into Air

A new golf cup recently invented which automatically ejects golf balls makes it unnecessary for players to stoop and soil their hands in picking up the ball. All that is necessary is to touch a button in the bottom of the cup with a putter and the ball flies up into the hands of the player. The cup has a hole beneath which is a hammer which is thrust upward by a spring when the button is pressed, throwing the ball three feet into the air, as shown in photo.

Armored Pushmobile Guards Caddies From Golf Balls (May, 1930)

Armored Pushmobile Guards Caddies From Golf Balls

AT a practice golf course in Detroit, time and revenue was formerly lost while an army of caddies swarmed on the field to retrieve the balls. Now caddies harvest the balls during the play, being protected against the barrage of driving shots by a chicken-wire enclosure mounted on three wheels.

Huge Vacuum Cleaner Sweeps Golf Links to Find Balls (Apr, 1932)

Huge Vacuum Cleaner Sweeps Golf Links to Find Balls

SEARCH for golf balls lost in dried cut grass may no longer be a bugbear to golfers, thanks to a giant vacuum sweeper, recently invented, that picks up leaves, grass, paper, etc., from fairways.

Utilizing the principles of the ordinary household cleaner the unique machine, shown above, is capable of clearing debris from nine golf fairways in one day.

A “planer blower,” mounted on a trailer, furnishes the suction, drawing the debris with such force that it is blown through a long pipe into a cage built on a motor truck. An old automobile motor mounted on the trailer furnishes power for the blower.

Golf Club Cart Abolishes Caddy (Dec, 1933)

Golf Club Cart Abolishes Caddy

A NEW golf club cart now on the market may relegate the caddy to oblivion, along with the telegrapher, the movie theatre musician and the horse.

The cart is built along the lines of the truck commonly employed in wheeling boxed goods. The golf bag straps to the handle, its bottom resting on a small platform.

When moving the clubs from one hole to another, the golfer simply takes the cart in tow and wheels along over the fairway to the next tee.

Atomic Golf Ball (Mar, 1951)

Atomic Golf Ball

IT may not be world-shattering news, but golfers will welcome one of the newest atomic developments once it emerges from the experimental stage. It’s a golf ball that can’t get lost. Minute quantities of radioactive materials are embedded under the cover of the ball so that if you carry a portable Geiger counter, you can locate it even in dense woods. When you’re getting close to the correct location, you’ll know by the signals on your headphones.

Below, Dr. William L. Davidson the inventor lets Lawson Little, famous golf pro, left, hear the tell-tale clicks. At the right, he gives the fairer sex a chance to marvel at modern science.

Largest Golf Club Weighs 100 Lbs. (Jun, 1934)

Largest Golf Club Weighs 100 Lbs.

THE world’s largest golf club, with a head 36 inches long, and other dimensions in proportion, is being used at opening ceremonies for various golf tournaments in California.

Three players perched on a step ladder are needed to drive off the 13 inch diameter golf ball atop its gigantic tee.