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PEKIN was fortified; the Boxers held the gates. Outside the walls of the city the allied legions clamored for admission, knowing that, within, the members of the foreign legations, fortified, in their turn, against the Chinese, were awaiting with breathless anxiety the arrival of the friendly armies.



Animated paintings in steel picture frames are now being used to train British troops in marksmanship. Miniature soldiers, representing an enemy army, move along the bottom of the frame and up an incline across the picture, while sharpshooters try to pick them off.

First gas-operated semi-automatic pistol (Apr, 1980)

First gas-operated semi-automatic pistol

Self-loading handguns are usually either blowback-or recoil-operated. The new Wildey is unique—the world’s first production-model gas-operated semi-automatic pistol. In the patented Wildey system, a portion of the powder gases is exhausted from the barrel through six ports, where it impinges on the operating piston, driving it rearward to operate the slide and rotary bolt action.



When Uncle Sam Was Right, and Europe Was All Wrong


AMONG the thousand and one things for which the Allies are “enclosing you check and order,” to American makers — — are all the telescope rifle sights of our army type the makers thereof can turn out. And in this lies one of the biggest triumphs for the Ordnance Department of our army, after seven years of ill-concealed snickers on the part of European military authorities.

Novel Gas Gun Is Death On Flies (Sep, 1936)

It must have sucked for the students sitting near the fly. I wonder what the mortality rate of his lectures was.

Novel Gas Gun Is Death On Flies

SOMETHING of a crack shot is Dr. J. F. McClendon, of the University of Minnesota, who will not permit flies in his classroom or laboratory.

His air gun is loaded with pyrethrum concentrate, which is four times as strong as ordinary insecticides. When a fly zooms in to put on an annoying aerial exhibition, plop! goes the good doctor’s trusty gun, and there is one less fly to fight against.

COMMENT and REVIEW – Auto Safety – Gun Violence (Oct, 1923)

So apparently the controversy over gun control has a long and oft repeated history.

Also, I love the idea of giving speeders an “insanity test”.

Longer than that.  When Chicago was founded as a town in 1830 apparently one of the first laws passed was a ban on firearms.  New York State passed the Sullivan Act in 1911.


Pistols and Automobiles Kill 20,000.

THE count of the death toll from revolvers and automobiles for 1922 is completed and rolls up the astounding total of 10,000 from pistols and revolvers, and about the same number from automobiles. In both counts many hundred, if not several thousand, who died weeks or months after the accident, and in the case of revolvers, many more who were killed and the bodies concealed and not yet found, were not included.

Airplane Gun Fires Through Shaft (Jan, 1932)

Airplane Gun Fires Through Shaft

THIS new eight cylinder motor has only five major working parts. It has no crankshaft, no wrist pins, no piston skirts, and only two bearings; yet it will develop a higher horsepower at low speed than any motor of similar weight of the type now in use, its designers claim, and allow greater streamlining than the radial type.

MI-stoppers V (Sep, 1954)


SEA SERPENT? When Keith McRae of Sidney. Australia, hauled in this 12-foot-long oarfish. he thought he had caught one. This peculiar eel-like creature grows up to 40 feet in length.

WHALE OF A MOUTH comfortably holds three young Jonahs at Luna Park in Naples, Italy. The huge mammal died after being washed ashore there recently. It was stuffed, displayed at resort.

MODEL SUBMACHINE GUN Performs Realistically (Dec, 1941)

MODEL SUBMACHINE GUN Performs Realistically

Here Is A Repeating Action “Submachine Gun” That Will Delight That Boy Of Yours. While Certainly No Lethal Weapon It Will Knock Over Toy Soldiers Quite Easily, Holds Fifteen Wooden “Bullets” Firing As The Front Handle Pumps Back And Forth.

by Reginald O. Lissaman

ANY small boy will want, and be delighted • with this toy submachine gun, which’! holds fifteen shots in the magazine and fires them continuously, until empty, as the “tromboning” action is worked. Made entirely from wood, simple of construction, and employing no “hard to get” parts, this gun would make an excellent mass production product for any guild club doing such work for gift or sale.

This Gun Replies to “Hands Up!” With Bullets (May, 1929)

This Gun Replies to “Hands Up!” With Bullets

IN THESE days of flying bullets and indiscriminate hold ups, the well dressed Chicagoan should wear a breast machine gun and armor vest such as is shown in the photo to the left. Samuel Schwarz recently invented these two pieces of equipment for every day wear. Instead of merely throwing up the hands when threatened by a hold up man the wearer can spray a stream of lead bullets in his face.

The strings that control the machine gun are held between the first and second finger of each hand. As the operator raises his hands and faces toward the gunman he can pull the string that controls the aim of the piece. When he has proper aim the other hand will pull the trigger.