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Super-Gun for Modern Crime Fighters (Mar, 1962)

Super-Gun for Modern Crime Fighters


SHADES of Al Capone. Even the bootleg king’s old town of Cicero, Ill., finally has hung up its tommy guns. The Cicero police force has replaced its prohibition era “choppers” with space-age Colt Armalite AR-15 light machine rifles.

Throughout the country, matter of fact, America’s 300,000 lawmen are taking a long look at their outdated arsenals.

No wonder. With the AR-15 holding the spotlight of the show, Colt representatives are putting on special police demonstrations that really show what this new gun can do.

I recently participated in one of them. Bill Murphy represented the Colt Co., and a group of top gunnery instructors from the Chicago police department were on hand.

FUTURE GI (May, 1959)

FUTURE GI. Keyhole peek at what the atomic war’s fighting men may wear. New Army developments shown at Fort Ord, Cal., are this transistor-radio helmet, heat-resistant mask, nylon armored vest and automatic aluminum-alloy rifle that fires at a rate of 700 rounds a minute.

Science in 1872 (Apr, 1947)

Science in 1872

By Hal Borland

Its Growing Importance Brought About the Publication of Popular Science Monthly

IN 1872, the year Popular Science Monthly was founded, Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell were 25 years old. Edison had already improved the telegraph and was experimenting, in his Newark laboratory, with other uses for electricity. Bell was teaching phonetics for deaf pupils in Boston. Samuel F. B. Morse died that year, and in the first issue of The Popular Science Monthly an editorial note said that “his name and work will help to save our age from oblivion in the distant future.”

Versatile Gun (Aug, 1957)

This Gun

Fires Triangular Cartridges!
Is a 20-Shot Revolver!
Can Be Loaded While Firing!
Comes With Two Barrel Sizes!
Can Be Converted To a Rifle!

THE revolutionary new Dardick open chamber revolver is as versatile as a six-armed monkey. It comes with two different sized barrels, converts from a pistol to a rifle, fires 20 triangular cartridges, ejects fired cases and can be loaded while firing. The double-action, semiautomatic gun uses the special .38 or .22 Dardick cartridge or, with a simple adapter, any standard ammunition. Open chamber ejection makes it possible to build lighter and faster firing weapons that are more reliable at less cost than standard guns.

CAR GUN RACK (Dec, 1953)


When you go hunting, do you throw your guns and cases on the back floor or trunk of your car? I did, too, until I happened on the CAR GUN RACK made by Powermaster Corp. of Alhambra, Calif. I took its picture on the back seat of a beautiful, brand new Chevvie although it will fit any car. It’s made of mahogany, holds three rifles or shotguns and just hooks over the seat. Incidentally, it can hang on the wall of your cabin, just as easily.

Polish Plane Packs Guns in Its Pants (Nov, 1939)

Polish Plane Packs Guns in Its Pants
War planes now even carry guns in their “pants.” The illustration at right, of a new Polish fighting craft, shows how a machine gun is attached to the streamline fairing of the undercarriage. Like other guns installed in the plane, it is fired by remote control from the cockpit, as the pilot points his machine head-on at the target. In contrast, designers of American fighting planes prefer to mount the guns elsewhere, so that the landing gear may be retracted in flight for less wind resistance and greater speed.

Flashlight Weapon Invented (Mar, 1937)

Flashlight Weapon Invented
A COMBINATION flashlight gun has been invented by V. Merifield, of the Los Angeles, Calif., police department. At the pressing of a trigger the device ejects a spray of ammonia or gas from a jet to disable any suspect who might attempt to draw a weapon when the flashlight is aimed.

The novel gun weighs only six ounces, has fewer than a dozen parts, and is practically indestructible. Jet and light are controlled by separate triggers. One filling provides 20 shots of gas.


Ahh yes that elusive 73rd amendment, “Those under voting age have the right to SHOOT SAFELY” it’s sandwiched between the 72nd (the right to SLEEP SOUNDLY) and before the 74th (the right to TWO ALL BEEF PATTIES in your Big Mac).


We… The Boys of America believe in these OURRIGHTS: the right to LIBERTY, hard-won by our forefathers ~ the right to HAPPINESS that comes with the growth of a healthy body and mind ~ the right to TRAINING, thoughtfully planned by parents, school and church ~ the right to OPPORTUNITY, to live, learn, play and grow up in the time-honored traditions of a free people ~ and the right to learn to SHOOT SAFELY. We recognize and accept the responsibility imposed by these Rights. But ~ until we are old enough to vote we expect YOU ~ our fathers, mothers and other citizens who elect America’s city, county, state and federal officers ~ to be eternally vigilant that our RIGHTS be not abridged!