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TOMORROW’S PRODUCTS are in kit-form today-with Heathkit electronics (Aug, 1974)

EXPERTS AGREE The TV of the future is here… in the Heathkit Digital-Design GR-2000 TV

At ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS they said: “The fact is, today’s Heathkit GR-2000 is the color TV the rest of the industry will be making tomorrow .. . there is no Other TV available at any price which incorporates what Heath has built into their latest color TV.”

The FAMILY HANDYMAN reviewer put it this way: “The picture quality of the GR-2000 is flawless, natural tints, excellent definition, and pictures are steady as a rock. It’s better than any this writer has ever seen.”

HEATHKIT H8 (Jul, 1978)


This 8-bit machine, by itself is as versatile as a lot of systems that include peripherals

Skeptical? For starters, because of its unique design the H8 is the only machine in its price class that offers full system integration yet, with just 4K of optional memory and using only its “intelligent” front panel for I/O, may be operated completely without peripherals! In addition, by using the features of its built-in Pam-8 ROM panel control program, the H8 actually allows you to dig in and examine machine level circuitry.

a computer can get awfully bored when it can’t communicate! (Apr, 1978)

a computer can get awfully bored when it can’t communicate!

So unless you’d prefer to have your computer sitting around cooling its chips, we’d strongly suggest you buy a couple of peripherals from Heath.

Why us? Because we make peripheral kits. In fact, they’re some of the best around. Our H9 is an excellent example. Its a complete ASCII keyboard/12″ CRT terminal that was designed for hobbyists just like you. It has a lot of really great features and resolution that’s just beautiful. Right on out to 80 characters per line.


These are pretty sweet. I would love to have a kit-built paper tape reader at home.

They’re Here!

H8: 8-bit Computer $375

H11: 16-bit Computer

H9: Video Terminal

H10: Paper Tape Reader/Punch

The new VALUE-STANDARD in personal computing systems! Play exciting and challenging computer games, exercise your imagination and ingenuity with do-it-yourself creative programming, store and retrieve personal records like taxes and budgets, solve complex mathematics and scientific problems almost instantly, control your home appliances for best energy savings and efficiency — literally thousands of fascinating, exciting and practical applicatons. The Heathkit computer systems are low-priced, versatile and reliable — they’re the ones to have for REAL power and performance!