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Latest Conveniences for the Household (Feb, 1934)

Latest Conveniences for the Household

STARTS FURNACE FIRE. This portable gas torch expedites the chore of starting a fire in the furnace. Lighted with a match and thrust beneath the grate, it fires the coal.

MAGNET IN CAN OPENER. The arrowpoints to a steel magnet set in this can opener to attract small metal bits that otherwise might fall into the can.

Home Conveniences THAT SAVE TIME (Apr, 1933)

Home Conveniences THAT SAVE TIME

Pressing a button, set in the side of this bridge table, automatically opens all four of the legs at once.

ALL-METAL LAUNDRY CHUTE. A door in wall or floor of the bathroom opens to this laundry chute down which soiled clothes slide to a container in the basement. Photo at right shows arrangement of chute in the basement where clothes are removed.

Better Kitchen Methods for Modern Housewives (Apr, 1923)

Better Kitchen Methods for Modern Housewives

By using the mixer and automatic oil dropper shown above, French dressing to please the most fastidious palate is guaranteed, as the oil can be measured by the drop.

To protect fine glass and china from hard porcelain, flexible boards of soft wood are designed to fit over sink edges, on drainboards, or on the sink bottom.

New Devices for the Home (Jan, 1932)

New Devices for the Home


BUSINESS methods in the household are the vogue today. Here we have a handsome metal kitchen cabinet in attractive enamels equipped with a modern radio set, above; and a desk space to hold a telephone, bill file, recipe books and card index, etc.

NEW for the HOME (Sep, 1954)

I’m having a bit of trouble believing that little fan is responsible for blowing her hair like that…

NEW for the HOME

SLEEPY HEAD inflatable Vinyl pillow is scientifically contoured lor comfortable sleep. By Better Sleep Co.. New Providence, N.J.

PREFAB TILE panels shown at Rutgers University’s Research Center. N. J.. may revolutionise tiling of bathrooms and kitchens.

Latest Conveniences for the Household (Jul, 1934)

Latest Conveniences for the Household

DISAPPEARING CORD. The cords for electric devices, below, are wound on spring-loaded reels concealed in the wall. When not in use, the reels wind up the cords and the plugs fit snugly into holder.

AIR WHIPS CREAM Only a few seconds are needed to produce fluffy whipped cream with the utensil seen at left. An electric air compressor in the base forces millions of air bubbles through tiny openings in the stationary bottom of the bowl, as is shown below.

One of These Household Brighteners Is Just What Your Home Needs (Mar, 1922)

One of These Household Brighteners Is Just What Your Home Needs

Nest-building material, such as bits of wool, cotton yarn, and feathers, offered to the birds in a screened box, will induce them to nest near by.

Hard water is unsuited for household purposes and must be softened before it can be used. The filter shown above is connected with the supply pipes.

Fruits or vegetables placed in the conical colander are pressed to pulp by a wooden plunger and forced through the holes of the sieve.

Latest Home Accessories (May, 1936)

I don’t really understand the copy editing policy that says “use a period between sentences, unless it’s the last one.”

Latest Home Accessories

Electric range with control which keeps food at “simmer” heat. The stove has two lighted ovens and lighted platform lights. Right, steel wool holder made of rubber.

Table which can’t tip over and, at left, enameled metal window shelf for potted plants which can be attached by tightening one wing nut.

NEW for the HOME (Nov, 1954)

NEW for the HOME

SPIN-CLEAN is a device for cleaning Venetian blinds without taking them down. The jaws of the alligator-like nozzle electrically brush each slat of the blinds clean. Pionair Prods., Inc.. Chic.

NUMBERLITE provides address plate easily seen at night. Electric light silhouettes the numbers. Want folks to remember your address? This is one way to do it Numberlite. East Hart., Conn.

New Devices for Home Makers (May, 1929)

I don’t think there is anything particularly novel about that can opener. I do really like the clothes dryer though, because it’s so unimaginative. Rather than look for a new way to solve the problem of drying clothes, they just electrified the old method. It’s like developing an internal combustion engine and using the sound to scare your horses into running faster. (Couldn’t get my self to make an electric buggy-whip comparison).

New Devices for Home Makers

Within a handsome table that stands unobtrusively against the wall is concealed a comfortable bed—the latest in space-saving furniture. If an unexpected guest arrives it is opened in a jiffy.

This novel can opener with curved blade walks around” a can’s edge of its own accord, it is said, when the handle is gently rocked back and forth. A hook on the utensil serves as a bottle opener.