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THE AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE: “Proudest profession of them all” (Nov, 1954)

Brought to you by Romney for America.*

* Of course poor stay at home moms are lazy freeloaders who have no pride.

THE AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE: “Proudest profession of them all”

Here’s how Jeanne Ludlow, Philadelphia mother of four, answers “marriage experts” who give advice on how to escape the “dull” duties of a housewife


Professional bemoaners not only lambaste the American housewife, they also explain sympathetically how she deteriorated into being part drudge, part soap-opera addict—and why, when she goes to a party, she’s likely to drink too much. The housewife has been told she has been grievously wronged by civilization’s social pattern—her budding premarriage talents crushed by child care and domestic routine.