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I wonder if these were considered funny at the time. Or they were lame, even in 1909?


A Firm Answer
The Rev. Mr. Freuder, of Philadelphia, tells this story of himself.

Some time ago he was invited to dine at the house of a friend, whose wife went into her kitchen to give some final orders. Incidentally, she added to the servant, “We are to have a Jewish rabbi for dinner today.”

For a moment the maid surveyed her mistress in grim silence. Then she spoke with decision. “All I have to say is,” she announced, “if you have a Jewish rabbi for dinner, you’ll cook it yourself.”—Lippincott’s.

Blowing Off Steam (Sep, 1915)

These are pretty terrible jokes. I wonder if they were actually funny in 1915…

Blowing Off Steam

An Unofficial Source
City Editor—”What did you mean when you wrote, ‘The statement is semi-official?’ ”
Reporter—”Mrs. Blinks wouldn’t talk, so I got the story from her husband.”—Philadelphia Public Ledger.