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Why Don’t We Build – FLYING RAM FIGHTERS! (Nov, 1954)

The “fact” that the Northrop XP-79B was intended to ram enemy bombers is an urban legend as reported by serious aviation researchers. Click here.

Northrop always intended to outfit it with .50 caliber machine guns after the prototype stage.


If atomic attack comes, our best defense may be rammer planes that give the pilot a chance to survive.

By Martin Caidin

LET’S face it—the complete air defense of the United States is an impossibility.

Even with all-weather jet fighters armed with machine guns, rockets, and guided missiles; with rocket fighters; with unpiloted robot fighters; with supersonic rocket guided missiles; with radar picket ships and picket planes; with ground observers and a far-flung communications system, we can’t prevent a certain number of enemy atomic and hydrogen bombs from hitting our cities.

Flying Bomb Guided by Man Pilot (Aug, 1938)

Why this would be any better than a dive bomber? The pilot is screwed either way. If he misses the ship they are just going to blow up his little raft and if he hits the ship then he’ll be floating around in water that is filled with all of the people who jumped off the ship. They might hold a grudge. He might as well just fly it right into the ship, at least that way it’ll be quick.

Flying Bomb Guided by Man Pilot

GUIDED by a human pilot, a “flying bomb” designed by Lester P. Barlow, well known aerial munitions expert, would enable one man to destroy a battleship and escape alive, according to the inventor. The new aerial weapon consists of a small airplane-like structure, featuring wings, rudder and elevator controls, to which a 3,500-pound bomb is fitted as a nose.