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coffee nerves? (May, 1934)

coffee nerves?

Exhausted? Suffering from jittery nerves… sleepless nights? Many times coffee’s the trouble… coffee containing caffeine.

Give your nerves a chance to relax! Switch to Kellogg’s Kaffee-Hag Coffee! Blend of finest Brazilian and Colombian coffees, 97% caffeine-free. Doesn’t drive you… can’t upset you… can’t cost you one wink of sleep.

Judy and the Judge (Jun, 1942)

Judy and the Judge

THE JUDGE is a man of firm words and fixed opinions. And there’s grim decision in his voice as he lays down the law to his daughter. “Young lady,” he says, “when you’re faced with a little trouble like mine, there’s only one course to follow. Take a good stiff, old-fashioned purge!”

BUT JUDY is not the Judge’s daughter for nothing. “Judge,” she says, “you are guilty of horse-and-buggy habits. Did it ever cross your legal mind to find and correct the cause of your trouble? Well, that’s a little matter we’ll ‘tend to right now! Come with me.”