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Eye Magnet / Mailbox / Water Walking (Nov, 1928)

How is that mailbox an improvement?

ONE of the latest developments in the field of medical science is the ring magnet. It is proving of great value in removing pieces of metal from the eye after an accident. Workers in various industries often suffer from flying pieces of metal striking the eye. To remove such small particles is often a delicate operation whose pain is greatly lessened through the use of this ingenious device.

Electro Magnets Clear Tacks Off Universal City Streets (Mar, 1930)

Or you could just sweep the streets…

Electro Magnets Clear Tacks Off Universal City Streets

ELECTRO magnets on a bar mounted on wheels and trailed after a car make the streets of Universal City, California, safe for motorists. The magnets pick up nails, tacks, pieces of wire, lost bolts and nuts and a wide variety of other metal objects which if left in the streets would cause punctures and other tire trouble. Frank Graves, electrical chief of the city, invented the puncture fighter.

Metal Bar Floated in Air by Magnetic Repulsion (May, 1929)

Obviously this is a silly trick, but I posted the piece mainly so I’d have an excuse to link to this insane video of “quantum” levitating superconductors locked in a magnetic field. You need to see this, they can actually levitate upside down.

Metal Bar Floated in Air by Magnetic Repulsion

AN IRON bar which floats in the air in apparent defiance of the law of gravity was recently exhibited by the physics department of the University of California, but the professors made no claim to supernatural ability. The metal “wobbly bar” floated between two guide posts on either end of a wooden base in which they were mounted.

Compass Needle is Unreliable (Jun, 1935)

Compass Needle is Unreliable

“TRUE as the needle to the pole”

says an old song, meaning that the sailor could depend on the compass pointing out true north. But when Christopher Columbus made his famous first voyage, he found out that the compass does not point in the same direction, in various parts of the world. It then pointed north in Europe, but not in America. And now it points north in America, but not in Europe. Furthermore, there are local variations, due to unknown causes.

Bowl “Floating” in Air Defies Gravity (Nov, 1939)

Bowl “Floating” in Air Defies Gravity

DEFYING the force of gravity, an aluminum bowl that is part of a novel device known as an “electromagnetic levitator” fascinates crowds at the New York World’s Fair by floating in air with no visible means of support. Developed by General Electric research engineers as a demonstration of electric and magnetic forces, the bowl is invisibly supported by the force arising from the interaction of electric currents induced in it and a magnetic field created by coils and an iron core in a housing underneath.

800-lb. Magnet Treats Eye Injury (Jun, 1932)

800-lb. Magnet Treats Eye Injury
AN EYE magnet so powerful that it will pull a flatiron across a room has recently been installed in a Minneapolis, Minn., hospital to remove steel cinders from patients’ eyes. It is the largest eye magnet in the world and weighs over 800 pounds. One and one-half miles of copper wire are wound in the apparatus, which uses a 220-volt current.

Magic With Magnets (Jan, 1938)

Magic With Magnets

by Prof. Victor Lewitus

NEARLY everyone has either seen or heard about magnets, but very few people realize just how indispensable magnets of one form or another have become.

The Chinese people appear to have been the first to make use of the natural magnetic minerals which they found in certain regions, in great abundance. They discovered that the “lodestone,” as it was called, was capable of attracting some things and not others.