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MIDGET German car (Mar, 1957)

MIDGET German car seats four people back-to-back. It has front, rear door, does an estimated 50 mph, will sell for about $760.

Diminutive Dynamo (Jul, 1946)

Diminutive Dynamo.

Only one-fourth the size of a match’s head and set in half of a small pearl, this dynamo speeds at 6,000 rotations a minute and generates electricity that can actually be measured by an electrometer. Made by M. Fernand Huguenin, Swiss watchmaker, the machine has 46 stainless steel parts, some of which can only be seen with a microscope, and weighs .06 gram.

Hunting Miniatures (Sep, 1936)

Hunting Miniatures

24,000 pieces in world’s largest museum of the smallest articles.

ONE of the most remarkable exhibitions of miniatures, which has been collected painstakingly over a period of sixteen years by Mr. Jules Charbeneau, is on exhibition in St. Louis.

The articles come from thirty countries and the collection consists of 24,000 different items.

Tiny Airplane Folds Into Suitcase (May, 1929)

Tiny Airplane Folds Into Suitcase

DEPICTED in this month’s Modern Mechanics’ cover is the tiny bicycle type biplane which has been developed in France by M. Pischof.

The tiny biplane has a span of but 12 feet, weighs but 200 lbs., and is powered with a 4 h.p. opposed motor. This is evidently enough to give passable performance for the little ship was recently test flown by a grown man for a distance of 20 miles.

Eye-Stoppers VIII (May, 1956)


“STILTS” Lewandowski has bus directed between his 34-ft. high legs by a midget to draw attention to Ascot. England, circus.

MODERN VERSION of sawing a woman in half uses power-operated blade. Hindu Houdini and calm assistant performed in Paris.

MITEY DICTIONARY owned by Mrs. Friedman. Vancouver. Wash., has 3,300 words. Magnifying glass is used for tiny type.

TONSIL PEERING kitty takes one last look before 13-1/2 lb. black bass is mounted by Floridian Wyatt Duncan, who caught it.

BOTANICAL THIMBLE holds miniature garden for plant lover Harry Graus of New York City. Thimble holds eight different plants.

Smallest Public Railway (May, 1950)

Smallest Public Railway

IN a quiet corner of Kent, England, there’s a grade crossing where a big bump in the road could bounce an auto safely over the stack of the onrushing express. It’s not that the British road is so blarsted rugged—in fact, it’s smooth as Anthony Eden’s smile—but that the iron horse is so jolly small. Despite its pigmy-pony size the Romney, Hythe and Dym-church Railway is a superlative line, every inch of its 14-mile run along the Channel from Hythe to Dungeness.

Midget Skis Set On Rollers (Sep, 1938)

At first glance, I wasn’t sure if the word “midget” applied to the skis or the skier.

Midget Skis Set On Rollers
COMBINING the best features of skiing and roller skating, a new sport of “ski-skooting” has developed through the adaptation of midget skis on rollers. Two rubber-tipped poles are used to propel the skier along the pavement. The midget skis are fastened to the user’s feet by means of stout straps.



Don’t underestimate the power of a midget. Some of the world’s “biggest” men are 2-1/2-footers.

By Lester David

BOB CAIN, on the mound for the Detroit Tigers, stared openmouthed. Umpire Hurley couldn’t believe his eyes and 20,299 fans rubbed theirs in amazement. Advancing to the plate, bat slung over his shoulder, was the tiniest baseball player since Abner Doubleday invented the national pastime.

He was Eddie Gaedel, a midget, signed secretly a short while before by Bill Veeck, then owner of the St. Louis Browns. Veeck, a fast man with any gimmick that would boost receipts, had been waiting for a chance to spring his small surprise package.



So tiny that it rests easily on a finger nail, an electric motor constructed by an Italian youth weighs less than an ounce. The Lilliputian power plant has forty-five Parts and develops about eight-one-thousandths of a horsepower.

Smallest Safety Razor in World (Jun, 1931)

Smallest Safety Razor in World
THIS tiny gold-plated safety razor, which is complete in every respect, and in perfect working order, fits into a tiny snap case which is smaller than a half dollar. The set has been designed for ladies use.