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MIMI – Sav-A-Life (Jul, 1966)

See the man. He is throwing an apple to the lady in the water. The lady puts on a lifesaver and smiles at the camera. The man is angry. He wants his apple back. Now the lady is biting the stem of the apple. Her bathing suit is all dry. The apple is a Sav-A-Life. She is pulling the ring to activate it.

Perma Spare (Dec, 1958)

Needless to say, these did not replace normal spare tires. I’m not sure when the little donuts got popular. I think they had the wrong market though. If they’d just started a towing company staffed with Mimi’s to compete with AAA they would have cleaned up.

THIS month our niftiest A new product tester tests a nifty new Firestone product called the Perma Spare—an emergency spare wheel with a solid tire that bolts on over the wheel with the flat. Perma Spare is expected to replace the conventional spare wheel. Carmakers and owners should flip over its space-saving convenience.