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“Transparent Woman” Shows How Glands Work (May, 1939)

“Transparent Woman” Shows How Glands Work

GIVING spectators an animated view of human glands in action, a “transparent woman” designed by Dr. Frank H. Netter of New York City for exhibition at the San Francisco World’s Fair is declared the first of its kind ever made.

CAREER GIRL (Feb, 1951)


WE’RE continually running picture of lovely young ladies and writing; that their ambition is to get into the movies or television—which it usually is. But somehow. we never do hear whether they succeed in their ambitions or not. They drop into a silent limbo of girls who* want to go places but apparently never do.

GARDEN OF EDEN (Feb, 1951)


The exciting eyes of lovely Eden Hartford have been called a mirror of the “eternal feminine”

LOVELY Eden Hartford looks more like a languorous Eve than the Eden her mother named her. And like Eve, the eternal feminine, Eden becomes decorative in many poses and many guises. That quality is what started the young lady—she’s still only 20—on a professional career a little over a year ago.

Scale-Model Farm (Apr, 1948)

I really like the glossy saturated color printing they used in the mid-40’s.

Scale-Model Farm

LEOPOLD ARMBRUSTER, recovering from a leg ailment, found he was a top-flight miniaturist.

He laid a board on his lap (for a bench) and started whittling out a farm building. His fingers flew. His farm grew. In six months it was a vast table-top establishment complete with eight buildings, cows, horses, sheep, hogs, rabbits, chickens, pigeons, people and wagons—all boiled down to a scale of 1/4 in. to 1 ft.—a masterpiece of fine detail.

His buildings come apart and are fully equipped with rooms, furniture, stalls, chutes, etc. Animals and men are molded of clay.

From Ten Parts You Can Build Twenty Model Planes (Aug, 1931)

From Ten Parts You Can Build Twenty Model Planes


THIS single-stick airplane model of ten simple parts is so designed that it can be converted into twenty different types of flying models. It opens new fields for the model enthusiast to conquer. Through building it, the beginner can master a variety of construction methods while actually expending the time and material necessary to make only one model; and the expert can adapt the principles for use on any pet model of his own. To the best of the writer’s knowledge, the model is the first of its type.

Model Plane Masterpiece (Oct, 1954)

Model Plane Masterpiece

ONE of the most beautifully designed and carefully constructed model airplanes you are apt to run into in many a moon is the F-92 Black Leopard, built by young Robert F. Shaw, San Pedro, Calif.

Bob, a hydraulic press operator for North American Aircraft, took five years to complete his prodigious task, spending a total of $42 for parts and materials.

Perfect $7500 Race Car Model Made of Gold and Silver (May, 1932)

Perfect $7500 Race Car Model Made of Gold and Silver

PRONOUNCED by Harry A. Miller, world-renowned designer of racing automobiles, as the most perfect model in the world, the eighth-scale reproduction of the newest type racing car, shown in the photo at the left, has every working part of a full-size automobile duplicated in miniature.



UNCLE SAM’S missile arsenal is contained in this plastic kit made by Monogram Models, Inc., of Chicago. The display boasts 31 molded plastic missile models, covering the full range of current U.S. armament. The 3/32-in. scale models are all clearly labeled and you get a 32-page Know Your Missiles booklet with $2.98 kit.



Mechanical “Wings” with which the inventor hopes he will be able to fly, are the work of 36-year-old Horace T. Pentecost of Seattle. In his right hand he holds the flight control stick: its handle is the throttle, regulated by turning. The “Hoppicopter,” as the inventor calls it, has a 2-cylinder, 20 hp. motor and weighs 60 pounds plus.

Precipitron an electrostatic air cleaner made by Westinghouse, cleans 23,000 cubic feet of air per minute in this room where lenses for naval optical instruments like periscopes are checked.

VTO – Build a flying model of the most revolutionary of all aircraft — a plane that takes off vertically. (Nov, 1955)

The only prototype to fly is at the Florida Air Museum, Lakeland, FL.  Because the intended engine never arrived the plane never actually took off or landed vertically.  Takeoffs and landings were accomplished by attaching wheels for conventional takeoffs and landings although a few transitions were made in flight as well as one instance of bringing it to a hover.

VTO – Build a flying model of the most revolutionary of all aircraft — a plane that takes off vertically.

SOME ten years ago, the United States – Navy initiated a development program for a vertical take-off type of plane. Two aircraft of this new species were built, one by the Convair (Consolidated Vultee) designated XFY-1. The other, built by Lockheed Aircraft is designated XFV-1. A model of the latter is the one we are going to build. These planes are not helicopters or convertiplanes. However, they have attributes of both in their flight patterns.