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Mad Doctors and Bug-Eyed Monsters (May, 1956)

Mad Doctors and Bug-Eyed Monsters

Out-of-this-world gizmos are an easy sideline for this talented family of authentic scientists.

FIFTEEN years ago Oscar Dallons stood in a laboratory and watched a doctor connect an artificial lung to a patient who appeared to be at death’s door. In a few seconds the patient’s blood began circulating through the glass tubing of the apparatus, gradually growing redder as it was purified before being returned to his body. Improvement in his condition was immediately noticeable and he was soon out of danger. In 1955 Dallons observed a demonstration that duplicated the other to a marked degree and while the first had amused him, he was amazed by the second.

Movieland Shipyard (Aug, 1951)

This was MGM’s Lot #3 which now contains condominiums (but alas, no Starbucks). The artificial lake was seen in “Show Boat” (1953) and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (1960).  The colonial village mentioned in the text was called “Salem Waterfront” and was seen in “All the Brothers Were Valiant” (1953) and “Plymouth Adventure” (1953)

Movieland Shipyard

HOLLYWOOD, land of anything-can-happen, has a whole ocean full of ships smack in the middle of an MGM lot.

It’s a man-made lake, S-shape, measuring 1,200 feet from the colonial village at one end to the jungle creek at the other. Its fleet includes everything from a Maori lumber barge to an oldtime Mississippi showboat.