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The Drive-In is Thrivin’ (Aug, 1951)

The Drive-In is Thrivin’

America’s newest major industry was regarded as a newfangled novelty a decade or so ago. Now it’s become strictly big business.

By I. B. Neer

WITHOUT leaving the wheel of your car you can spend the most amazing vacation of your life this summer. For the drive-in is really thrivin’!

Without sliding from behind the steering wheel, you’ll be able, to deposit money in a bank, do all your shopping in supermarkets, buy a bouquet of flowers, mail a letter, go to church, pay your gas and electric bills, have prescriptions filled, get your laundry and dry cleaning done, take out insurance, check into a hotel, visit a zoo, have your shoes repaired and buy a bottle of Scotch for the long cool nights.

1,000,000 Ringside Seats! (Aug, 1941)

1,000,000 Ringside Seats!

by Russ Ratchet

THE next world’s championship prizefight may be held in your neighborhood theater! Or perhaps it will be the Kentucky Derby, the Rose Bowl football classic—or even a battle of the World War!

Theater television has become an actuality. Before so very long, you may be able to relax in a seat of your corner movie house and view the World Series, as it is actually being played, televised on a regulation size motion picture screen.


This is the precursor to those little coin-op TVs they used to have in airports.


To help travelers while away the time when waiting for trains, a one-man movie theater, suitable for installation in railway terminals, has been designed by a New York inventor. Entering the booth of one of these devices, a patron would seat himself before a miniature screen and insert a coin in a slot. An automatic projector would then entertain him with a current film production until he was ready to leave. A number of booths of this type would offer a choice of films.