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RELAX — and live longer (May, 1956)

I’m not sure that this is actually a practical way to design an ergonomic chair, but it’s a neat idea:

“…the Barcalounger, was developed by a German scientists, Anton Lorenz, to duplicate the effortless ease with which a person floats in bouyant water. Lorenz asked 35 people to don bathing suits and step, one at a time, into a glass tank of salt water. When each person felt most relaxed he pulled a string attached to a camera shutter, taking a picture of himself. A composite of the 35 exposures became the basis of the Barcalounger design.”

RELAX — and live longer

Tension may crack your health, poison your outlook, spoil your home life, hinder your career— unless you learn the techniques of releasing it.

By Lyman Gaylord

WHEN two-year-old Kenneth Liebman fell from a sixth-story window in New York, spectators froze in horror. Then, before their incredulous eyes, he got up and walked away unharmed. Was it a miracle that saved his life? No, answers a group of medical men, it was relaxation.

The experts explain that we lose our ability to relax as we become conditioned to the pressure of modern life. As adults, most of us are characterized by tension. When we fall we stiffen our bodies and not being able to bend, we break.