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“Merry-Go-Round Cafe” Serves Food on Rotating Counter (May, 1931)

“Merry-Go-Round Cafe” Serves Food on Rotating Counter

ALL you can eat for fifty cents” is the slogan of the new Merry-Go-Round Cafe counter, recently patented by a Los Angeles inventor, which conveys the food around before the customer in a series of rotating glass enclosed compartments. These compartments are filled with various kinds of food, such as pies, salads, fruits, etc., which customers help themselves to as the case passes before them.

Bizarre Eat Shops Built to Lure Trade (Apr, 1934)

That flower pot tearoom is pretty awesome.

Bizarre Eat Shops Built to Lure Trade

An ice cream maker’s specialty is cones. His shops throughout the city are shaped like inverted cones, thus advertising his wares and drawing attention.

HOT DOGS are purveyed by this eat shop, so the showman instincts of the proprietor have caused him to model the exterior of his stand after a puppy.

Look Before You Eat (May, 1951)

Look Before You Eat

IF you’re a shy gourmet, constantly confused and embarrassed by super-duper menus in fancy restaurants, Keene’s English Chop House in New York City is the eating spot for you. They’ve discovered a way to show you exactly what each item looks like before you order it.

Walkie-Talkies Speed the ‘Burgers (Dec, 1952)

Walkie-Talkies Speed the ‘Burgers

ORDERS taken by employe’s of a Milwaukee drive-in snack shop are flashed to the kitchen over the walkie-talkie (below). Filled promptly (right), orders are then delivered by other employes. Because the order girl goes directly from one car to another she saves five to 10 miles of walking a day, and orders are taken promptly. Delivery time to the customer is about 4-1/2 minutes. Equipment carried by the order taker weighs about 8 lbs. and the batteries are good for about 8 hours. The Federal Communications Commission has assigned Ace Foods, the shop, station number KA-8931.