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Your High School CAN Produce Science Fair Winners (Dec, 1960)

Full Disclosure: I attended Bronx Science (Class of 94). I think I actually did take electronics in that classroom on the third page. Though, the building was obviously a bit older when I went, it was still a pretty awesome school. In my sophomore year the school got a pair of IBM RS6000 workstations and a dedicated 19.2k internet connection, which was upgraded the next year to 56K. Doesn’t sound like a lot now, but it was pretty amazing for a high school at the time. I remember installing one of the early builds of Mosaic when it came out and just being bowled over by it. I used to use it everyday to download weather maps for a meteorology class I was taking. I also remember going to the Mosaic (or it may have been GNN) home page all the time to look at the “New Sites” section which was literally a listing of all the new websites that came online.

The school offered, and I think still does, a simply amazing variety of classes, particularly the electives. I took classes in electronics, robotics, forensics (way before C.S.I), meteorology, graphic arts and publishing (Using Quark 2, I think) and computer networking/telecommunications, which I have to say was pretty much the coolest class I’ve ever taken. When we arrived for the first day of class we were greeted with a stack of boxes containing brand new IBM 486DX2 PC’s, which were pretty damn good machines for the day. We had to set them all up, then repeatedly network them, both to each other and the internet. During that semester I think we learned to deploy networks using 10Base-5, 10Base-2, and 10Base-T. I think I was probably one of the first high-school kids in the country to start spending all of my free time on the web

Your High School CAN Produce Science Fair Winners

There is a secret to the pace-setting science high school. Your school may have it; you need it yourself.

By Ken Gilmore

NEW YORK’s celebrated Bronx High School of Science has a spanking new modem building, well equipped laboratories, 2500 pre-selected, scientifically inclined students (each of whom has won out in fiercely competitive entrance examinations), and one out of five teachers is a Ph. D. It would be surprising if “Science, ” as its students call it, didn’t send finalists to the National Science Fair and the Westinghouse Talent Search, and if its students didn’t win Armed Services scientific awards, scholarships, and honors of all kinds by the hundreds. It is, in a word, one of the finest scientific training grounds in the country.

How To Win At Science Fairs (Dec, 1960)

How To Win At Science Fairs

by Ronald Benrey

YOU CAN WIN at a Science Fair as long as one thing interests you more than winning does. This is your project itself. It is going to be judged on scientific thought, creative ability, and presentation. You will really have to know the field your project is concerned with. This takes effort. Since you lack the means of a professional laboratory, you will have to do much with little. This takes trial and error and just plain work. Your presentation must be attractive and clear.